.300 AAC Blackout headstamp list


Thanks for that Sako update Fede. At this point I basically expect every manufacturer who loads 5.56 to be getting into .300 Blackout. It’s sort of a “be there, or be square” caliber at this point. I would think the Russian steel case stuff will be next.

Here is the best Sako headstamp image I could find - a screen grab from Sako’s website video about the caliber:


And here’s the cover of the book that I am doing on .300 Blackout. I wanted to wait a bit since there continues to be more headstamps coming out, but with PPU soon to be available, and now Aguila & Sako, it should be fine to get this book out for Next March anyway in time for SLICS 2018. By then most manufacturers who are going to get into this will have done so. It will have images of all of the packaging, load types, headstamps, etc… and I will try and get images of all the packaging from manufacturers who don’t have unique headstamps.


Looks like Starline will be doing .300 Blackout brass soon as well. I called them to ask and they said they were hoping for availability in late May. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/04/13/starline-adds-338-federal-product-line-6-5-creedmoor-300-blackout-follow-soon/


Starline now has their .300 Blackout brass available, right on time according to their original target date which is sort of amazing for the industry in general. I ordered some direct from their website, and they are the only place having it available as of yet that I know of. I assume some of the smaller manufacturers might switch from using reformed 5.56 brass to this Starline brass, especially if they are already a Starline customer of some other calibers.

Here is a promo image from Starline’s website:

Some trivia - Starline is one of only 3 case types in this caliber which spells out the entire word “Blackout” instead of just using “BLK”. The other two are Remington, and Magtech. I will be interested to see what PPU and Aguila did in this regard.

Also, PPU .300BLK ammo is finally available and is listed as in-stock at Cabelas.


Here is the PPU headstamp, they too are spelling out the whole word “Blackout”


RUAG now has .300 Blackout under the Geco line, basically the same stuff they produce for Prime Ammo, with same headstamp lettering style. The back of box says “produced in USA” and has both English & German text.


Addition to the Whisper list, this being a relatively “old” one by the late Ken Stewart. DB was for Dave Brooks who ordered these from Ken


Interesting! I hadn’t heard of this one before. Thanks


Here an other one from S&B, now with heavier fmj bullet of 147grs/9,55Gramm…
and of course the new sticker on the back, what you should not do with the ammo in all languages of the EU, from bulgarian to swedish…It is now a Leporello-type sticker as it is not possible to print that crap on one page…


I forgot to post this image here post-ECRA meeting. This is the first Thun manufactured Blackout that I’ve seen (previous only Whisper).



The new Aguila 300BLK is out and started showing up with online retailers a few weeks ago. I think it is just PMC and the Russian brands who are not producing this caliber now as far as major global manufacturers go.

The Aguila headstamp situation was interesting whereas 41 out of 50 cartridges in the box have a filled-letter error in the “L” of BLK. The lower half of the L is filled and not stamped like it should be. This sort of error is relatively common as far as headstamping errors go it seems. So I had 9 cases with normal headstamps - the two types are shown below. I often wonder how many cartridges this affects when I see this error type - thousands, hundreds, or almost all of them in an entire lot? Who knows.

Aguila 300blk hs


One has to look only at the letter “G” to see that there are two
different bunters.

John M.


Wow, that’s what I was hoping but thought, why on Earth would they do that so soon into such a recent production? Maybe the error version with the missing L segment caused them to redo it, but they already had thousands of cases run with the error? Collectible!


I agree with John Moss. Different bunters with the lower case L being intentional. Compare the two L letter types with the B, which is fully formed in both instances.

Damage one bunter during a production run, change bunters and the next lot of cases still get mixed in the same bin, hence two headstamp styles mixed together. Just one possibility.


It doesn’t show as well in the photo, but the error ones with the filled lower L do show a faint outline, and a sort of 3-D filled in look like it was a damaged segment of bunter or whatever. So I presume it was intended to be an upper case L. The whole thing about the headstamps being just slightly different intrigues me.


Looking at the picture on my computer, I couldn’t see the part you’re talking about, however on my phone it becomes visible.


Here is another photo showing an angle that demonstrates the lower L being sort of filled-in or smudged on the Aguila case, but not missing or lower-case necessarily.



DK - that is a very typical “look” for a letter on a
broken bunter. Of course the “look” is dependent
on the condition of the broken surface of the bunter,
and can vary considerably, right down to looking like a
missing entry. Even purposefully altered bunters sometimes
show a “shadow image” of the entry that was purposefully

John Moss


Here is another brand new one, done by JAG for Gold Belt Wolf in Florida (GBW):

gbw 300blk


I’ve been meaning to update the relative rarity status for a bunch of 300 BLK headstamps. here is a rundown of what is now out of production, and what is hard to find even though all of these are from the past 5 or 6 years:

FLA - “Firing Line Arms” (I think). This was one of the earlier custom headstamps and was used by Lehigh for a time, but not too many of them were ever made, and they have all disappeared. Basically impossible to find now

SCO - “Silencerco” - There was a decent amount of this loaded & marketed as part of their “Harvester” line of ammo a few years ago, but it has all dried up and can’t be found anywhere now.

PWS - “Precision Weapons Systems” - Similar to FLA, they had one run of brass done and loaded a bunch up for sale as an accessory to their line of guns, but then did not continue production after the one run of custom brass. Is now impossible to find via retail sale anywhere.

Remington “Hog Hammer”. This one is the basic R-P headstamp, but is on nickeled brass. The nickeled brass from Remington in .300 Blackout only appeared as part of the Hog Hammer line which seems to be now defunct. This load can only be found via resale on Gunbroker these days, with none left with any online retailer.

Gorilla Silverback nickeled. This one only just came out a couple years ago, but they have already changed their production for this line of Silverback ammo in .300 BLK to regular brass. The nickeled brass version of their GORILLA headstamp is now a rarity with little remaining in online retail.

OATH - OATH Ammo is now out of business for good, and this custom aluminum case will disappear from online retail sources by 2018 (if it hasn’t already)

PNW Arms - PNW Arms has been out of business for at least a year now, but they did make a relative ton of this ammo. Whatever stocks of ammo are with retailers now are finite, and this stuff should all eventually disappear during 2018.

Prograde - Prograde went out of business a couple years ago and this headstamped brass is a finite commodity. It sometimes appears as bagged empty brass from various small online retailers.