.300 AAC Blackout headstamp list

Just received Gemtech’s latest .300 Blackout load with new package version and it is a 208gr A-Max. The headstamp is also new and is their first updated style since 2013.


Here is a recent Magtech .300 Blackout which came from October 2018 production in a 50rd box of 123gr FMJ ammo. Magtech is notoriously consistent with their headstamps which never seem to change, but in this case they did change the primer sealer from black to red, and they are doing a 3-stake crimp on the primer now, where they had not done this before. The mechanics of the headstamp are the same as their original style for this caliber.


I see that Sig is releasing a special .300BLK tailored for short barrels and it is on a dark-nickel case, similar to some of the Browning BXP loads of late. Hopefully the headstamp is a new SIG variation when it hits the market soon.

I may have missed it, but do you have the Hornady custom ammo 110 grain V-max, h/s HORNADY 300 WHISPER ?

I didn’t put the whisper headstamps with the original list, but they are a fairly finite list. Other than the Hornady .300 Whisper headstamp (of which I know only one variation), there are:

BHA 300 WHISPER (Black Hills)

C-B 300 WSPR (early Cor-Bon)

COR-BON 300 WHISPER (later Cor-Bon)

T 300 Whisper (Thun - Switzerland)

T 300W (Thun)

There must be a couple other whisper headstamps out there as well.

The other oddballs are the very early stuff from Jamison or Qual Cart which are:

JI 30-221 (Jamison / Captech)

QC 30-221 (Quality Cartridge)

I see that Black Hills will apparently be releasing their new 300 blackout headstamped cases for retail sale. Previously they had only ever done cases with the .300 Whisper headstamp until 1 or 2 years ago they did a contract for some Dutch Special Forces with .300 Blackout headstamps. These were very hush-hush from Black Hills for whatever reason, but now there are photos showing up on news / blog sites about the pending retail release of it.


I stumbled across an interesting listing at Global Ordnance this morning. They have some of the Australian Outback (ADI) ammo in .300 BLK with the partial blackened cases. Not only that, they are selling it right now on sale for nothing less than the lowest price (shipped) on the internet for any new .300 Blackout ammo anywhere - as far as I can tell - 0.43 cents per rd. They have flat-rate shipping as well at $12.99. I remember seeing some images of this case type when the ADI stuff first came out, but the cases didn’t seem to be available for retail sale anywhere, but now here they are all of the sudden. Global is only selling them in a 2-case lot though, at a price that was originally $398.00 for 400rds, but is now $159.80 - kind of surprising.

I normally don’t go advertising prices and directing traffic to retailers here, but I have to mention it as a novelty of a circumstance since this is relatively decent median quality ammo that is better than all of the cheap stuff near to it in price such as Magtech, Armscor, Aguila, PPU, domestic generic stuff, etc…, and this case type figures to potentially be one of those oddballs that goes under the radar, and then disappears from the grasp of collectors. Global Ordnance doesn’t show up on the Ammoseek searches, and I suppose that is the only reason this stuff hasn’t sold out in 1 day as I am sure it otherwise would. Also, virtually nobody sells ADI ammo in the U.S. other than Cabela’s who appears to be the major retailer of it. Cabela’s doesn’t carry this black case stuff though. Global also has a 900rd option in an ammo can with custom label.



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Just received this morning some bulk .300BLK from LAX Ammo on the off chance they were doing a custom headstamp for it. Their site doesn’t show or mention exactly either way, and they only sell in bulk so it was a bit of a gamble. It turns out they are using a new headstamp, but it is an X-TREME headstamp from Freedom Munitions. Freedom is in some sort of bankruptcy limbo and LAX appears to have picked up many of their brands and components, to what extent I am not sure but they almost appear to have bought out Freedom.


I don’t know if there is any relation at all, but around a year and a half ago, Double Tap had some headstamps done in at least 10mm auto which also shared the stencil-style lettering font like this one.


That is RIDICULOUSLY cheap. I wish they were selling just the blister packs, though, I’d pick one up.

Somehow Australian made ammunition sells cheaper in the US than it does here in Aus where it is made!

It also seems that there are a couple of loads/ brands made by ADI that are not sold in Australia. The Australian Munitions MSR brand in 300BLK and 223 is one I haven’t seen here. Also an Outback Ammunition 300BLK 125gr Sierra in a blue/orange box similar to the packaging of 223 and 308 Outback Ammunition loads. (I am chasing all three of these boxes if anyone has spares to trade).

ADI is also loading a Sierra 135gr hollowpoint for the Outdoor Sporting Agency (OSA) “Buffalo River” brand here in Australia. On non blackened ADI headstamped cases. I’ve seen it in the 900 round ammo cans only so far.

This black-case ADI ammo showed up today, and the headstamp is the same as the one ADI has been using, but the base is dark-nickeled, similar to the body. I’m not sure exactly how they process these, but it seems like the cases are darkened after they are headstamped, but before the groove is turned out? The only virgin brass visible is in the groove. Also some scans of the 2 side end-flaps of the box which aren’t shown much in online retail photos.


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I received some of the new darkened-case Sig brand ammo tailored for short-barrel .300 BLK guns. The headstamp appears the same as their previous design but I did notice that every single cartridge from all 5 boxes that I received has the same headstamp error on the letter K. The top right-hand portion of the K is missing, and this is an error I had not seen in any of their previous cases on standard or nickeled brass.


Meanwhile I also received a box of Hornady’s new Frontier branded .300 BLK, but unlike the Frontier 5.56 ammo which has a “FRONTIER” headstamp, this Frontier branding of .300BLK was on standard Hornady headstamped brass. Boooo…


I wonder if the ’ new ’ Frontier .300 Blk is made at Hornady or somewhere other than Lake City where the Frontier .223 & 5.56mm are made?


Not sure, it may be that the volume of production that Hornady wanted on the .300BLK for this line was more cost-effective for them to just order the packaging and fill it with their own ammo? Although these Frontier loads are FMJ, which Hornady had not loaded before in that caliber, so not sure. I’m surprised that Hornady outsources anything now that their new Hornady-West plant is recently up & running.

Here is a new headstamp from Magtech that I noticed for the first time today. It is the first headstamp I have seen on this caliber which shows any wording other than brand, caliber, or date. Not sure how long it has been out on the market, but it can only be a couple years or less I would think. Maybe new for 2019?


Matt, thanks for sharing. They are using this new “SUB” headstamp in other calibers as well. Your box is dated November 22, 2018.



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Fede, thanks for confirming the date code.
Is the code for 2019 (BW or BX) already known?

Its odd that they would use that oval marking on the primer. Years ago, that was a marking on primers sold primarily to commercial reloaders by Remington. I have some .30 Luger blanks, probably made up by one of the movie weapons supply houses like Stembridge, with that marking on the primer. Don’t know what meaning it has for CBC or whoever supplied the primers to them; simply an observation.

John Moss

Jochem, I have not seen any 2019 code yet, so I can’t confirm if they are going to use “BW” or jump to “BX”.

@JohnMoss The “O” or “0” primer marking used in CBC’s 5.56x45 ammunition -and now .300 Blk- indicates a Mil-Spec primer.



Jochem, now I can confirm that the new code for 2019 is “BX”. Irrespective of the recent addition of letters “K”, “W” and “Y” to the Brazilian alphabet, they will continue with the old one, so we can also expect “BZ” to represent 2020.