.300 AAC Blackout headstamp list

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Update on the Black Hills “BLH” headstamped brass for .300 Blackout… Unfortunately, it sounds like the BLH brass which had previously been used to fill the Dutch special forces contract, and which was used in some promo photos & setups for SHOT show 2019, will not be getting out into retail distribution much if at all.

I have been looking for / waiting for the new 110gr TSX load by Black Hills in this caliber to show up for sale anywhere so that I could get this new headstamp, and I finally today saw that Selway Armory had some in stock. I emailed Selway to ask what the headstamp was, and they surprisingly informed me that it was “LC 19”. I found it strange that anyone would still be bothering with reformed 5.56 brass (especially perfectionist Black Hills), and so I called Black Hills to ask. They told me that the BLH headstamp is all but gone, and only perhaps a small amount made it out into the retail distribution stream - who knows where. He said that the Lake City headstamp reported by Selway is accurate, and he said that in fact, LC (MAST?) is now manufacturing dedicated .300 Blackout, and that it is not trimmed / resized 5.56. He said they are headstamping everything with date / manufacturer only, hence the anemic “LC 19” headstamp for a .300 Blackout case. I knew that MAST is / was producing .300 BLK brass, but with the MAST headstamp, and so to now use an LC headstamp, without also stamping it with “.300 BLK” would seem to serve only to confuse Blackout connoisseurs since they always equate LC headstamps with reformed 5.56…?

I found this odd since LC is also doing some 5.56 loads for Frontier (Hornady) as well as Norma USA these days, and those cases both have the caliber marking on the headstamp, no date, and feature the contracted buyer, not the “manufacturer”… oh well. I could only guess that LC had a whole bunch of generic LC 19 marked 5.56 brass which they needed to do something with, and they have a trimming / sizing machine to quickly churn out “factory” .300 BLK brass? Seems odd that LC would be suddenly delving into the saturated .300 BLK brass market, and that they would be marking the cases only with LC and a date code?

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I think 300 Blackout is more profitable then 5.56 NATO and in demand vs. 5.56 NATO ?
althought I stocked up on S&B 200 gr. Sub-sonic at $10.00 a box of 20.
So I may be wrong.
I wish they would make 6.5 Grendel Brass and ammo cheap, that is way to high.

Here is the new headstamp from Herters via Cabela’s. They seem to be doing the star-USA-star headstamp on all of their Herters ammo now that they have restyled the packaging and the brand (making it sound more domestic). I had shown the 9mm and .45acp version of this headstamp before, and below are the .38spl and 12ga as well.


Other new Herter’s headstamps:

Fede - thanks for the info on the Brazilian “O” primer. Odd that they don’t seem to use it on military/police contract 9 mm ammo. I have some fairly recent headstamps from CBC in that area, and I don’t recall any of them using an “O” on the primer. Does it apply to pistol primers, or simply to rifle primers?

So now we have RWS/GECO, Remington-UMC and CBC using that primer marking at one time of another, all with different meanings. Well, guess there are only so many ways you can mark a primer. It is a study in itself - primer markings, that is.

John Moss

John, no, they are not using this marking for pistol primers.

Regarding Remington “0” primers, there is some information here: Remington No. 39 Primers



Fede - thank you. As an auto pistol cartridge collector, I know the “O” primers primarily from 7.65 mm Luger (.30 Luger) blanks made up by outfits like Stembridge Arms, for movie use in Lugers. Not all the Luger pistols seen in movies were 9 mm, although they probably were meant to represent 9 mm pistols (war movies, especially).

John Moss

Thanks for the update!

Grind Hard Ammo of Port Saint Lucie, Florida is now loading .300 Blackout.

Sig began offering their 120gr SCHP short-barrel load in a plain black & white box earlier in 2019, and those black-oxide coated cases were the same headstamp as their earlier brass & nickeled cases. Today however, I received some re-stock of this black & white box, and the cases are a newer SIG headstamp style which is wider and larger. I assume they are using these on new production standard brass stuff as well. I received some of the first run of this box style when they came out, and the lot # impressed on that box is: FJAR2911. On this new-style box, the impressed lot # on the end-flap is: GBAR2813.

sig%20300blk%20hs%202019 sige300h1sbr20

Two more Blackouts for your book, Matt:
CG%2018%20300%20BLK CG%2019%20300%20BLK
CG = Nammo Sweden, Karlsborg.

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Awesome, thanks Morten! The only hesdstamps I am unable to find thus far for .300 BLK are these from Nammo, the Sako headstamp, and most frustratingly - the Black Hills headstamp. These Nammo headstamps join the “Nexus 16” as the only dated .300BLK that I am aware of.

for morten
there are military headstamps ?

Is it the Swedes or Norwegians who issue/issued the .300 BLK to some specialized troops? Are the CG rounds military issue? If so, I hope Morten has some at SLICS!

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I noticed today for the first time, an earlier Federal headstamp I guess I had missed. It is essentially the same as their original one-dot style, but the dot is much larger. I have found several of these just like this in a recent lot of reloads, all with the much larger dot. The recent newer style and the original are also shown below.

The Karlsborg factory (CG) is only involved with military production as far as I know. So the headstamps are military in spite of the caliber designation. I guess these are for test and evaluation, so any “ordinary” production for a contract will most probably have the CG+year+two slashes headstamp.

To jonnyc: Norwegian special forces have at least tested the Blackout/Whisper. I am not sure about the Swedes…

Based on a post by DocDave in another thread regarding Federal headstamp dot codes, it occurred to me to wonder what these earlier .300BLK Federal headstamps mean whereas they only have one dot down low, but none around the “FC”. And what about fat dot vs tiny dot? I gather that the newer 2018+ version Federal headstamp is indicating RUAG (by Geco?).


DK - Did you ever do your book on this .300 Blackout caliber round? I imagine that it would have been very hard to “finish” a manuscript with new headstamps coming out every time one turns around.

I gave up on this cartridge for collecting about a month after I got my little starter collection from a friend. It seems this will be the 9 mm Para of the rifle world in the number of variations made, and new ones coming out weekly.

Good luck guys. Hope all this does get documented in a book, but suggest at the present rate, it should be in loose-leaf format, with supplements from time to time.

John Moss

I think “RUAG (by Geco?)” is not possible, because the Geco plant (Wolfartsweier near Karlsruhe, often called Durlach) was closed in the 1970s. Geco only survives as a brand name today. RUAG cases could originate from Stadeln (RWS), Thun (Switzerland), Hungary or Norma, if we assume that only factories owned by RUAG are involved.