300 Blaser?

Does anyone know anything about a 300 Blaser cartridge as produced by Norma ?
Unique case type or proprietary loading of something else (300 Win Mag ?)

I know the 30 Blaser wich is a large rimmed cartridge chambered in combination or single shot rifles.I have never heard something about a 300 Blaser

Like Pivi, I don’t know of any “300 Blaser” cartridge. I have a pretty fair amount of material on Blaser ranging from the late 1980s up until the last couple of years, and can only find mention of the .30R Blaser round made for their single-shot rifle. These are all factory catalogs or broadsheets. I can find no mention of a (.300 Blaser) even for the R93 and 95 series, which show only chambers in 300 Winchester Magnum and .300 Weatherby Magnum in calibers of that bore diameter and powder capacity. Even the R93 LRS 2 target/sniper rifle is, in .308-bore magnum rounds, chambered only for the .300 Winchester Magnum in the information I have. Unless it is something brand new, in the last year or so, I can’t find any reference to its existence. My materail on their rifles, though, does end about 2005. After that, I only have shotgun catalogs. So, it could be a new development. That, I simply don’t know.

Thanks for the comments. This is not the rimmed 30R Blaser but a rimless cartridge. I have attached an image from the Norma 2008 catalog that show several hs produced by Norma for other companies.

At the top left is a hs image which is hard to read but I have enlarged and increased the contrast and sharpness below. Any ideas ?

Could it be the rimless version of the 30 blaser?It could also be an experimental cartridge developed by Blaser and never produced commercially.
There’s no rifle chambered for this cartridge available in Italy

Interesting. I had not noticed this headstmap on the Normal picture before. You should contact Blaser and see what they have to say about it, if anything. It is clear from the photo by Norma, unless it is computer-created, that they made brass. Maybe a note to them would yield some information as well.

I wasn’t able to find out the blaser website,so I sent an e mail to “jawag” that is the Official Blaser import inc. for the Italian market,maybe they have some info about this strange cartridge

At last check, Blaser is owned by Sauer, or least the same folks that own them.

I have heard that there was a whole series of Blaser cartridges worked on by Norma but the project has been stopped and the whole thing has been kept fairly secret.

WBD - I wonder if the secrecy and the project relate to the whole new series of “Norma Magnum” cartridges??? Does naybody know? Out of my field, but an interesting avenue of thought.

This pdf was published by Blaser in june 2009.

blaser.de/fileadmin/editor/d … 6-2009.pdf

The 7mm Blaser Mag has a case length of 2.35"
the 300 Blaser Mag has a case length of 2.53"
the 338 Blaser Mag has a case length of 2.50"
and the 375 Blaser Mag has a case length of 2.82"
All are based on a .404 cartridge case head.
The maximum average pressure has been set to 4200 bars for all four cartridges.
For example: the 300 and 338 Blaser Mag have the same case capacity as the 300 Win Mag.