300 blk remington

i lucky to find 300 blk remington for my collection
but when i opened the box for bought one or two rounds ,i surprised that the rounds are headstamped “BARNES 300 BLK”
the remington box was sealed when i opened it
and the bullet do not look remington manufactured

it common ?

Barnes and Remington are both owned by same parent company, “Freedom Group”.

now i understand

the barnes rounds are much better quality than remington rounds
i think there fabricated in differents factory ?

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i don’t understand your last post

I tagged user DKConfiguration who knows a lot more about 300 blackout than I do. The message board will notify him. He should see this thread and respond. He’s probably still travelling back from SLICS.

thank for your response

Hi, yes Remington and Barnes are more intertwined now with components as part of Freedom Group since 2009. In recent years Remington has a line of solid copper rifle ammo which is all from Barnes. I have not seen a box like this with components differing from the brand on the box, but it does not surprise me.

the case look like manufactured by lapua
and the bullet is 110 or 124 gr (i forgot to see the weight on the box)
i disassemble one round to see the entire bullet (only 5mm is in the case)
the bullet is not the copper solid
it a “standard” match hp


These cartridges came in “Remington UMC” brand boxes and were loaded and packed by Barnes at their plant in Mona, Utah. Bullet is a Barnes 120 Gr. Open Tip Flat Base and product code is L300AAC1.



thank for the information
i need to “re-see” the box

Here is the one Barnes .300 Blackout headstamp that I am aware of. Is the one from your Remington box the same?


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yes it the right headstamp

i find this link to infos on this round

but my two rounds don’t had the red sealant on primer

i note that the pressure is hot (pratically 4000 bars)