300 Lapua vs 338 lapua


This is the product of a join venture between Gabriele Cardi,an italian gunsmith and Lapua:the 300 Lapua magnum.I think it is no longer avaiable

I don’t know if it has ever been described on the IAA journal




I know several shooters who use the 338 Lap brass to make their wildcat 308 and 338 caliber cartridges but have not seen a factory headstamped 300 Lapua Magnum case. Where can I get one??

Because of the high price and general unavailibility of Lapua, most shooters have turned to using Norma brass instead.



As far as I know this cartridge was avaiable through Gabriele Cardi only and was made by Lapua only.I think they made new empty cases only.I have never seen this one on Lapua catalogs.
I can post its dimensional data to compare it to your friends’ wildcat



Is there a differents between 300 Win Mag and the 300 Lapua Mag?


Apparently the .300 LapMag doesn’t have a belted case.

The .300 LapMag is as long as the .338 LapMag but the .300 WinMag is shorter than the .338 LapMag so the length of the .300 WinMag and the .300 LapMag aren’t equal. Can you follow it? :-p


300 Lapua is simply the 338 Lapua necked down with no other changes,so it is bigger than the 300 win mag having most dimensional data identical to those of the 416 Rigby .In general dimensions and power it should be very similar to 30-378 weatherby mag



Here’s a 338 Lapua Magnum, 4 wildcats based on it, and a 300 Winchester Magnum to show the difference.



Here are my pictures.
From left:

300 win mag,300 ultra mag,300 lapua mag,30/378 weat mag,338 lapua mag,416 rigby,416 weat mag



why to create an improved version of the 338 Lapua mag? I believe that the original design is almost perfect,for long range shooting too.Does that wildcat make possible a better head space control?



Some Improved cases actually improve performance and some do not. The 338 Lapua Magnum Improved is probably one where the difference is small and insignificant. The sharper shoulder may give longer case life. The very small increase in capacity is hardly needed. The shoulder of the original is more than sufficient to control headspace.

But don’t try to tell a wildcatter that he can’t make a good cartridge better. ;) ;)



Thanks Ray,
In Italy ALL new guns must be registered in a national catalog and is registered what cartridge do they chamber.It is illegal to change the chambering of a rifle without a special licence.That’s because there are very very few wildcats of italian origin:I know 4 of these:224 and 338 Torres,6.5 SDG and 277 GS.
Italian hunters and shooters have never had a “Wildcat mind”!



How similar is the 338 Lapua case when compared with the
8.38mm/330 Amron Multiflechette cartridge?



Just curious…I have never heard something about this cartridge.Is it made from 50 BMG cases?



I forgot to mention the wilcats (just 3 or 4 ) developed by “grande armeria camuna” and used in rifles made by this gunshop for bench rest competitions



[quote=“craigt”]How similar is the 338 Lapua case when compared with the
8.38mm/330 Amron Multiflechette cartridge?[/quote]

The Amron case is fractionally narrower (base diam 14.27mm vs 14.78mm) as well as, of course, being made from light alloy.