.300 Phoenix


Can you tell me what are dimension of .300 Phoenix and .300 sine ?

A friend have a cartridge :

It is a wildcat. Case is a .338 Lapua Mag.
Is it .300 Phoenix ? If not, what is it?



The 300 Phoenix was a wildcat chambered for a short time in rifles made by Gail McMillan of Phoenix AZ. It never lived up to Gail’s expectations and was eventually abandonded. It was a 416 Rigby case necked to 30 caliber and shortened to 2.5 inches. The cartridge that you show is not a 300 Phoenix.

I have no idea what a 300 Sine is.

The cartridge shown is similar to several wildcats designed for long range hunting and competition. Most are made from shortened 416 Rigby, 338 Lapua, and 300 RUM brass. Wildcatters can call their cartridge by any name they wish and you will often find many that are identical, or nearly so, with different names.

The cartridge you show would be very similar, ballistically, to the 300 RSAUM, 7.82 Patriot, and 300 WSM.

Sorry I can’t help more.