.300 Savage experimental


Does anybody have any thoughts on this cartridge?

Ray Meketa posted an image of a similar looking round on the forum some years ago and my initial thought was that this was one of the loads utilised in the development of the 47mm caselength .30 Light Rifle - which was of course based on the commercial .300 Savage.

I also initially thought that this cartridge case might be made of aluminium however it’s almost certainly tinned brass.

I have sent photos to Ray & Bill Woodin and both quickly pointed out that the shoulder angle is wrong for the Savage and is more akin to the 7.62 x 51mm. A .300 Savage has a caselength of 47mm but this cartridge has a caselength of 48mm.

The bullet is non-magnetic, GM lead-cored, boat-tailed and weighs 144gn. It’s either a British L2A2 or, more likely, a Belgian SS77.

I’ve found some references in old catalogues that mention a series of at least three Belgian experimental ‘7.62mm Short Case/Light Rifle rounds’ all derived from the .300 Savage - none of them exactly match this cartridge but they all resemble it so closely I suspect that this is a experimental from that era. Any suggestions?

This shows the cartridge between a (left) .300 Savage and (right) a 7.62 x 51mm NATO.


In looking at the case base, the primer has none of the red paint on the head but the paint does cover the ringed crimp & appears as if when it was applied it should cover at least some of the primer. My guess is that it is a reload with the shoulder reformed.


Thanks Pete,
I don’t doubt at all that it’s been fired & reloaded, I’m assuming that’s how it was formed into a 7.62mm NATO shoulder from the original Savage shoulder.
But the few references I’ve found suggest that this was done by FN. Do you, or does anybody else know, what a 7.65mm ‘S4’ bullet is like? If it’s a close match to a 7.62mm SS77 then all this might just fall into place.



Sorry not to be of more help.


Pete, I’m afraid you’ve lost me a bit on your observation about the original .300 Savage having different body dimensions to that originally used in the Light Rifle. My understanding is that the cartridge first used was simply a .300 Savage loaded with a .30-06 bullet - and without any changes to the case dimensions.