300 Sherwood

I was reading a c1911 Westley Richards catalogue and noticed that they used Sherwood to refer to both the rifle and the cartridge. The only examples of this cartridge that I can find are headstamped either KYNOCH 300 or ELEY 300 Ex L. This raises two questions in my mind -

1 - Is the proper name of this cartridge the 300 extra long as chambered by WR in their Sherwood rifle OR did Eley not wish to use the word Sherwood in their headstamps and created a brand new designation, the extra long, as differentiated from the other 300 miniature cartridges?

2 - Who (or where) was/is Sherwood and why did WR use this name? (I have visions of a 1910 era Robin Hood wondering around Sherwood forest with his miniature rifle in hand.)

Any information in this area is appreciated.


a good thing about this forum is making you question things you m ight take for granted! I never thought to question where ‘Sherwood’ came from from - I think your guess is as good as any - I have never seen any ‘official’ explanation - and the only Sherwood that come to mind is Sherwood Forest.
The earliest drawing I have is of the ‘capped’ bullet by Kynoch and dated 1904 and the drawing title ’ W.R.300 Capped Bullet’. Next drawing is Eley Bros & dated August 1910 - titled ‘.300 Sherwood Cartridge’. All post-WW1 drawings are by Kynoch and titled ‘.300 Sherwood Rifle Cartridge’.
Eley seem to have used the title ‘.300 Extra long’ - perhaps because Kynoch had various contracts at that time to exclusively supply Westley Richards. I expect ‘Sherwood’ was a registered trade name of Westley Richards. However I do have an Eley 50 rd box which states ‘.300 EXTRA LONG CARTRIDGES for the “SHERWOOD” and other CLUB RIFLES’. All Kynoch boxes are titled ‘.300 “SHERWOOD”’.
Hope that’s of interest. Regards JPC