.300 Torres, italian wildcat/proprietary cartridge

This is the 300 Torres, a necked down version of the 378 Weatherby magnum developed by italian custom gunsmith Celestino Torresani before the advent of the 30/378 Weatherby.
Note the shorter case lenght compared to the 30/378 WM. Looks like a fatter 300 Weatherby, with probably the same OAL. It is CIP listed.

Note also the proprietary hds, the original hds has been erased and the new one is really well made by Torresani himself.

Rare caliber so are the rifles so chambered. I have no idea how many of these cases have been made but I suspect production has been very limited.

From left: 30/378 Weath , 300 Torres, 300 Weath

Some dimensional data:


Bullet: .308"
Rim: 14,62 mm
Belt: 15,38 mm
Base ( just above belt) : 14,77 mm
Shoulder: 14,23 mm
Neck: 8,50 mm


Body : 58,36 mm
Neck: 8,94 mm
Case: 70,94 mm

Thanks for sharing this information Marco.

Marco, interesting information, thanks. Do you have a picture of the .224 Torres (5.6 x 56)?


I will receive a 224 Torres sample next week. Anyway it is a 22 - 284 Winchester slightly improved

There were built only 6 rifles in this caliber .

Torresani probably worked for Mr. Lancini Gianfranco, a custom gunsmith and owner of the “La bottega dell’artigiano” gunshop, when he designed the 300 Torres.
There are 2 rifles ( falling block Ruger #1) catalogued in 1988 by Mr. Lancini in 300 Torres.

Mr. Torresani, when founded his own company started making rifles under his own label and finished 4 rifles in this chambering, two bolt actions and 2 falling blocks, all catalogued in 1992

I suppose he removed the headstamp by turning down the thickness of the rim. This would also mean deepening the primer pocket.

Is the rim on this cartridge thinner than the rim of a .378 case?

the first rifles were rechambered using Weatherby base/rim diam and thickness. The guy who sent me the case ( who owns a rifle so chambered and suggested the proprietary hds) wrote me that erasing the existing hds created a small clearance between bolt and rim, but without any problem for the case or the rifle.

Torresani furnished a small amount of proprietary headstamped custom-loaded ammo and empty cases to the first customers. When cases availability ( and life) dried up, every Torres owner modified 378 or 30/378 Weath brass.

Rim thickness is 1,48 mm vs 1,58 mm

Obviously the original design shows a 1,58 mm rim thick. and the thinner rim is seen on proprietary headstamped brass

Was the cartridge able to be primed as normal without deepening the primer pocket after thinning the rim?