300 wby headstamp

Got this from Pete deC because it was “different”.

Bunter has obviousley been ground to remove the “NUM”. It may not be evident in the photo, but the part where the grinding was done is rough and shows grind marks which is not typical of ground bunters.

Round nickle primer is not typical of WBY cartridges. Bullet looks like a Hornady Spire Point but I know that WBY used Hornady’s in some of his early loadings so this feature may be OK. Looks factory original.



Hi, Ray…
When I was working with Roy Weatherby back in '46…we ground off alot of bunters because…JUST KIDDING !!!..Hope someone can come up with a better answer !!!..Hey…e-mail me and tell me about the Prescott Show…

The information I got from Weatherby’s office is that Hornady made some of the non-Weatherby brass such as the 30-06, 375 H&H, 270 Win, 7mm Mag, RWS made some of the brass, but I guess their brass all have the RWS on the primer. Norma made and makes the greatest percentage of the Weatherby brass but at one time Norma could not keep up and Speer tried, but according to rumor it was not up to Weatherby Standards??? Speer made the following 257 Wby, 300 Wby, 7mm Wby so it could be Speer? I have not seen a Speer headstamp so I do not know there characteristics. Vic

Otto Witt shows many Weatherby headstamps in JOURNAL # 456 and the 300 WBY MAG made by Speer has the “Speer” headstamp. And none of those he pictured appear to have the domed nickled primer.


The first box of .240 Weatherby that I saw in a Vermont drug store was primed brass . The primers were the standard RWS marked product and the back of the box had “Made in Germany” at the bottom .

I have also seen 200 once fired Weatherby RWS .224 factory loaded cases -these had also RWS marked primers . These were found in the early 90’s at a Calgary gun show and used by another shooter to make 6 mm Tomcat brass - an early Benchrest wildcat based on necking the .224 Weatherby case to 6mm with a standard 30 degree shoulder. Unfortunately I did not think to get a few sample cases at that time.


Some information on Weatherby brass made by Richard Spear can be found on page 204 -207 of "Weatherby -The Man,The Gun ,The Legend " by Grits Gresham -Tom Gresham. (ISBN0-944438-02-4)



I got your e-mail with the Gresham article. Good information about Roy’s relationship with Speer. Unfortunately it doesn’t give me a clue as to the headstamp on my mystery cartridge. I’m just gonna have to assume that I have finally found that Rarity 1 cartridge that I’ve been looking for lo these many years. :) :)

I have one or two of the 6mm Tom Cat cartridges in my collection. One was pictured in one of my JOURNAL articles, along with the 22 Tom Cat which is a nuther cartridge altogether.


I don’t collect Wbys but I have some.I just checked & I have a .270 magnum
& it has what I assume is a spire point bullet & the domed nickel primer.
It also has the “num”.

I checked my Weatherby rounds and have rounded nickel primers on a 7mm, 300, 340, and 375. There is also a rounded brass primer on one of my 378’s. If they are not typical, who used them. All came from factory boxes, which I don’t have.

Hmmmm. Interesting. I checked all of my WBY cartridges and I don’t have a single one with a domed nickeled primer except for the aforementioned mystery cartridge.

I found NP. RWS, plain nickle, plain brass, but all were flat.

The WBY boomers all require a LR Magnum primer and I know of none, OTC, that are domed.


Ray–I have the following Weatherby headstamped rounds with a rounded nickel primer.

270 Weatherby Magnum
300 Weatherby Magnum
340 Weatherby Magnum
375 Weatherby Magnum
378 Weatherby Magnum
460 Weatherby Magnum

I would have to conclude that most, if not all, the Weatherby line was loaded at one time with a rounded nickel primer.

What brand and date are those cartridges you guys are talking about??

I went to GB and AA and looked at a lot of the WBY cartridges for sale. Old ones, new ones, “Bear” boxes, “Lion” boxes, “Elephant” boxes, “Tiger” boxes, all kinds of boxes. Single rounds, full boxes, half-full boxes. I found one old 375 Magnum single cartridge that had what appeared to be a domed primer. All others were all flat primered.

Is it just me??? Are we talking the same thing when we use the term “domed” primer??


All this talk about the primers and we’ve lost track of the real question here. Why the altered bunter???


Ray–The shape of the primer seems pretty straight forward to me. They are either flat or some other shape. Call it “Domed”, “Rounded” or “Convex”, it is all the same shape to me. Enough of us have them, it appears, so I doubt if they are reloads. I can only speak for my own collection, but all of mine appear to be factory originals.

As for the altered bunter, I have no clue. I can not even think of a reason to do it, unless it was for some in house ID for a special test run of some sort.


I didn’t mean to imply that you guys can’t tell a domed from a flat primer. And I certainly didn’t infer that any were handloads. But the nickeled, domed primers have not been used by any major commercial manufacturer here in the US of A for decades. Norma and RWS Weatherbys have never used them as far as I know and the Speer WBYs that Otto Witt shows have flat primers. So who does that leave??

I certainly have not seen every WBY made but I can tell you with certainty that this mystery cartridge is the first I’ve seen with a domed primer. And except for that one on AA, I can’t find any for sale either.

What brand are your Weatherby cartridges with the domed primers? And how old are they?


Ray: Just checked my Weatherby rounds and I have two domed primers 1st is a 300 Wby Mag with a round nose bullet, it also has a period in front of the 300, I have it listed as one of the first made with the old style primer (my words)??. The other domed is the 300 Wby Mag made by Speer. Vic

Ray - Remember that .257 Condor Norma head stamp reloaded cartridge with the R.W.S. (?) domed primer that I have.

Ever think about emailing a contact at Weatherby with this question ?


Ray: Checked even closer I also have the 270 Wby, 340 Wby with domed primers and then maybe a clue, I have one of the original 257 Wby wildcats which was made from a 300 H&H Mag Super -X it has a domed primer. Vic

OK. How can I argue against such convincing evidence? Domed primers and Weatherby cartridges do go together, at least as far as the earliest ones. I concede. UNCLE!!

Now, about that altered bunter . . .???

Glenn, maybe you have had better luck than me but I have never contacted a PR guy or Historian at any of the big companies and gotten an answer to any question that involves something that happened before their life began. And that is usually about 30 years ago, it seems to this old guy. :) :)

I’ll pull mine out tomorrow and let you know. Is it a possibility that the bunter could have broken and stamped yours that way?