.300 Win Mag Mk 248 Mod 0 vs. Mod 1

Just a note for those who collect military .300 Win Mag.

Mk 248 Mod 0 (DODIC A191) is being replaced with Mk 248 Mod 1 (DODIC AB43), formerly known as the .300 WM PIP. The major change involves swapping out the 190gr Sierra MatchKing for the 220gr Sierra MatchKing.

It is loaded to 2,850

Thanks Daniel, interesting!


Interesting. I ran some ballistic charts and the 220 SMK is a better bullet by a long ways. But the 210 gr custom bullets such as the Berger VLD will get the same ballistics at less pressure. 68,100 is a big number even to a Benchrest shooter, like me, who has no qualms about flirting with 60,000+ on a routine basis.


By the way, which firm is making these MK 248 rounds?

Tony look here

fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity … =1&au=&ck=


Thanks Steve.

Here’s some more info,


Steve, where to find such drawings? Are they available somewhere?

Has anybody images of the different .300 Win-mags in use by US Forces? (boxes and hs also)


Federal Cartridge has previously won contracts for Mk 248 Mod 0. I doubt that it would change for Mod 1. The only other likely competitor would be Black Hills Ammunition. They seem to share the majority of NSWC-Crane’s rifle ammunition contracts.

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It looks like I spoke too soon. I just noticed that the 2008 solicitation for the .300 WM PIP was sole sourced to Black Hills Ammunition. The notice was buried in the Statement of Work.

I also found a 2006 NSWC-Crane solicitation for A191 that had been sole-sourced to Black Hills, so it appears that both Black Hills and Federal have produced the older load. I continue to believe that Federal had the lion’s share of A191 contracts over the years.

The current solicitation for Mk 248 Mod 1 appears to be an open competition. I would still be surprised if it was awarded to anyone other than Black Hills or Federal.

I’ve also seen WCC packaging for Navy contract.

It looks like my original prediction turned out to be correct; Federal got the Mk 248 Mod 1 contract. Judging from the wording of the announcement, no one else even tendered a bid.


Thanks Daniel.