.300 Win Mag "T" headstamp

I found this photo on Huntington Die Specialties site .
HDS has received a special buy from the RWS Ruag warehouse of 300 Win. Mag brass cases.
These are light headstamped (T .300 Win Mag).
huntingtons.com/store/produc … age=1&js=n

huntingtons.com/store/images … mp_800.jpg

They seem to think that this was made by Norma.

Who made this case ?

And why" T " in the headstamp please .


By the headstamp, this case should have been made by the Eidgennosiche Munitionsfabrik Thun (Federal Ammunition Factory at Thun), in Switzerland. That would certainly not be out of sorts with the indications that the brass came from RUAG.

“T” is now the standard RUAG headstamp for both their commercial and military ammunition made at Thun which I believe they now own.

The British military is currently buying .338LM, 5.56mm blank, ball (L21A1) and tracer (L22A1) from RUAG, all headstamped “T”


The T means Thun, i.e. RUAG Ammotech’s factory in Thun, Switzerland. Norma (Åmotfors, Sweden) is also a part of the RUAG conglomerate, and as such they could well produce cases for the Thun factory. But I don’t think the headstamp has the “Norma look”. My guess is that the case is a product of the Thun factory. But RUAG also owns the former MFS 2000 factory in Sirok, Hungary, and, not to mention, the large Dynamit-Nobel plant in Fürth, Germany. It is difficult to see from the headstamp who made a case these days…

Thank you.

That is what I thought too but I wanted to check with the forum to see if more was known such as recent contracts for ammunition.

RUAG brass made in Thun, Switzerland would be harder to sell than Norma in the American market .

That case just did not look like Norma production .


I am not sure RUAG ammunition products would be harder to sell than those of Norma in North America. Despite less name recognition, Swiss products are generally held in high regard by Americans in general, shooters included. Now, if the price is much higher than Norma,that would be a different matter. However, since both companies are owned by RUAG now, I doubt that would happen.

Generally speaking, this commercial style headstamp was first made by Munitionsfabrik Thun as early as 1992 and its use continued and was expanded to many different calibers after January 1, 1995, when the factories of Thun, Altdorf and Wimmis became SM Schweizerische Munitionsunternehmung. In next years it remained in use after several designation changes, as follows: SM Schweizerische Munitionsunternehmung AG (1999-2001), RUAG Munition (2001-2002), RUAG Ammotec (2002-2008) and RUAG Ammotec AG (2008-2013). Also, it can be found in “Blaser” brand cartridges marketed by Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH.

The earliest reference that I’m aware mentioning a .300 Win. Mag. with this headstamp dates from 1999, but it might be earlier.

Here’s another headstamp variation. It also came out of Thun. The round on the left is an AP load without tip colour and with a wax lubricant at the case mouth.


Thank you Paul and every one who responded to my question