3006 ojp

I have three boxes of 30.06 ojp 58 on garand clips 5 clips per box can anyone tell me if this is corrosive and is all old ammo corrosive

I believe this ammo is non-corrosive, but am not possitive of that. However, I would not shoot this ammo in a Garand. It is possible that the load for that ammunition supplied from the factory on enbloc M1 chargers was changed from that supplied in 10 round boxes, but I don’t know that. I had a quantity of this ammunition that came in 20-round boxes, and found firing it in an M1 Rifle that the gas port pressure (not the chamber pressure) was way too high for the Garand. The action was so violent that the extractor ripped right through the rims of the fired case and left it in the chamber. when the rifle was tipped up to examine it, the empty fell easily out of the chamber on its own weight. An examination of the rifle showed that there was no pitting in the chamber (a common cause of case sticking in automatic firearms mechanisms). Another round was fired and it did exactly the same thing. Subsequent firing with U.S. ball indicated there was no problem at all with the rifle.

The ammunition later was fired with good results in a 1903 Springfield I still have today, with no signs of excessive chamber pressure, and was reserved for that purpose.

As I say, it is possible that powders were changed to correct this deficiency on ammunition supplied in M1 clips. I don’t think, myself, that I would subject a nice M1 to possible operating rod battering for a tiny amount like five clips, though. Just my opinion.

Just looking for further information, I have an OJP 111 59, 30-06, remnants of red on the projectile, looks original factory load . [not anymore as I pulled the pill to confirm it is a tracer then reseated it]
Was informed no tracers loaded by this Austrian company although these rounds turned up in dubious African states for military use, as seen by peoples souvenirs, so I still wonder.
Any further information would be helpful.

Thanks for the replys at 120rds not worth hurting anything I think Im going to wait till i get a bolt action gun to get rid of it thanks again