.301 Savage?

COTW talks of ammo for the .303 Savage that, in Britain was headstamped “.301 Savage”. Has anyone ever run across any?

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Here is an Eley manufacture .301 Savage headstamp.
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.301 so as not to be confused with .303 ( “British”)

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Thanks for posting, never seen.

Thanks. Love your emoticon, having worked all my life in the nuclear industry.

Here is a previous discussion on the subject:

There is another .301 Savage post on this forum that I remember. One of our British or European members stated that the .303 Savage 99 rifles, and .301 marked ammo were “common” or at least less rare in South Africa. I have been looking for a .301 marked round and made a mental note of this response, but I am working from memory, so take this with a grain of salt.

Thanks for your replies. One person posted a photo of a .301 headstamp. I doubt if I’ll ever see one, though.

I worked as a civilian nuke for the Navy for 10 years. I figured someone
would finally recognize it.
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So am I to understand that the .303 and .301 Savage are dimensionally the same cartridge, just with different head stamps?

yes, different makers but you can also find Eley .303 SAVAGE headstamps.

edited to say I was wrong about this above statement. The Kynoch variations say “.303 SAV”

See my below post for the two variations I’m aware of.

Yup! To ensure that the .303 Savage wasn’t mistaken for the .303 British.

Thanks, that is exactly what I needed to know.

The only two Eley variations I’m aware of.
Perhaps the story between it and the .303" British is not quite so because the right headstamp, which is clearly stamped SAVAGE. So that said, I have my doubts as to that story being behind the .301 nomenclature.
eley 301 & 304 savage hs

The 2003 Gun Digest had a good article on Arthur Savage and his rifle and cartridge. AS was a great promoter and his first catalogue listed quotes publications showing great results “achieved by sportsmen usig 303 calibre magazine rifles.” Not mentioned that these were .303" British rifles and no Savage arms were yet in use.Perhaps this why AS called his ctg a 303.

Now I’m beginning to understand, thanks Orange

While it was perhaps a bit naughty of Arthur Savage to speak of .303 rifles so generally it should be noted that his 1899 rifle was introduced with a groove dimension of .311 and early bullets in .303 Savage caliber miked .311. Later on the grooves were reduced to .308 to agree with the U.S. convention and, later still, bullets went from .311 to .308. Jack