.303-.22 Experimentals

I am cataloging a cartridge that I picked up some time ago.
It is labelled as being part of the "Meredith FPS Trials"
It has a pointed FMJ projectile that isnt magnetic and appears to be
some type of grey alloy. h/s is 1942 DI Z
Can anyone shed any light on these trials or this cartridge?

Is the round the same as the .303/22 Vickers Experimental ? one of the bullets trialled was aluminium. The aluminium bullet weighed 10 grains. Most headstamps were 1925 -27.

Info taken taken from Vol 3 of the History/Development of SAA by George Hoyem.

Is it like this?

This was part of the high velocity experiments carried out at the University of Montreal during the war. The bullet was cadmium plated.

It is quite different in form to the .303/.22 rounds for the Vickers that were made in 1927 and which is shown on the right.

Paul Smith is the man to tell you all about it.


IIRC there was an Ontario gunsmith CC? Meredith active in the 1930-1950s era who worked on wildcat ctgs.

The only notes I have on this round is that it was developed by C.D. Merridth who was working at the University of Toronto on the S.A.I.D. project (sorry, don’t know what this program is) during WWII. The object was to develop high velcity AP loadings. There were a huge number of loadings using a variety of cases, elongated and necked down. The round that TonyE posted a picture of is the most common in the series (I also have a softpoint projectile with the same profile and has a GM jacket). All of these rounds came out of the CIL collection via the late Jim Houlden. Most of the rounds now reside safely in Arizona.

This round is often overlooked and is cetainly under appreciated!


Thanks very much for all your help guys, my cartridge is the one shown in the left photo.
Right down to the darkening round the neck. Another cartridge successfully identified and cataloged