Hi guys
I need a little help
I want to find out who loaded the 303/25. I now Rverbrand and Super produced them.
I think also Dominion and maybe Winchester Western . I seem to recall seeing a WW packet ( not sure )

any help would be greatly appreciated


I have never seen this cartridge in any catalog, past and present, from any major manufacturer in the U.S. I did some research a few years back concerning a rebarreling project on a worn out Ross rifle. Elwood Epps’ name was the one I saw most frequently in regards to ammunition. Unless you find a custom loading outfit, the 303/25 is a handloading proposition. Good luck!

Try Bertrams - I don’t see it in their catalogue but I have one in my collection made by them. I am refering to cases not loaded ammo, I am pretty sure you will have to load them yourself.

ICI Imperial of OZ & NZ

As to Winchester, Western or Dominion I’ve not seen any factory loaded ammunition, or noted on a reliable checklist.

You could perhaps consider Elwood’s handloaded product factory?

Never seen Winchester or any US based companies producing 303/25.

Yes, Bertram did produce brass cases and at one time they were available as loaded rounds, whether these were loaded by Bertram himself or outsourced I do not know. Terry Warnock who is a member here, is the ‘go to’ man for Bertram products.

I have shot and collected 303/25 over the years, although most of my collection packets have been sold or traded. I have seen other proprietory brands such as Benz, Sniper, Sportco with 303/25, along of course with Riverbrand and Super. No doubt there were others.

If your inquiry is based around feeding a rifle, then do as I did and purchase a .243 Winchester!