.303 (7,7) Traceuse-Perforante) french man. from 1918

There was a tread about this ammotype before, but I cannot find it.
So here my box, (marked for Aviation) the ammo and the bullet.
The ammo is desintegrating, as the inside powder AND the tracer-compound is eating up the case, swells the bullet and cracks the case…
see here


what puzzles me, is the wording
“de longueur raccourcie” which translates to “Lengt shortened”…
Means this, the bullet was shorter as usual?? or the case ?? Because the case is 55,75mm (2.196 inch)
Bullet is 1.338 (34mm)

and, yes, the powder used was US-Powder !! SL maybe Saint Louis, and Melange ret., means mixed from recuperated ammo

Could it mean reduced length of trace?


Not an answer to your question, just some additional references to this type of loading by the French during WW1:

Drawing of a related box label by Charles Yust-

From the ammunition section of the French website Histavia21.net (no longer available on the internet), portions of 2 labels for French tracer-AP are shown. The bottom photo shows a label for 7.7mm Traceuse Perforante De Lounguerur Raccourcie but no explanation for this designation is given.


Here is poor copy of a chart showing French 7.7mm ammunition, supposedly WW1 (Source unknown on the internet). Note, if the drawings are correct, the AP core in the AP bullet is longer than the AP core in the Tracer-AP bullet. How or if this relates to the cartridge designation I have no idea.


I don’t have access to Tome I so no description of the bullets, shown above, to confirm which ones are 8mm Lebel or which ones are 7.7mm. Machine guns in both calibers are shown in other figures.

Is this the post you were looking for - French 7.7mm armour piercing?

34mm is the correct lenght for the french traceuse-perforante and 56 is fine for the case lenght. I am thinking on the lines as JPeelan - reduced trace lenght due to the cup being a lot smaller/shorter than the tracer compound cups in all the french tracer drawings I have so less compound shorter trace?


APX is Artillerie Puteaux, the major French Ordnance and Development Centre ( now a modern Office and residential district of Paris, named " La Defence" in memory of its original use.)
The Powder has no relation to “St.Louis” as that plant was a WWII US plant which loaded ammo only, with bought in Powder by its GOCO operator.
The SL relates to a French Powder Supplier.

The labels on French ammunition simlar to German labels give a detailed lot and year ID for all components.
Just got to know sll the French abbreviations.
As to “longeur raccorcie”, it refers to a measurement of the bullet, as if it related to thelenght of trace, it would be " trace raccourcie".
Probably to distinguish it from other tracers…France initially (1916-17) developed both Trace and AP using imported Bullets from Britain ( R^L & GB) and recycling American contract Ball .303 cases with extra crimped primers and French Powder.
By 1918, France was using almost all its own manufacture .303 (7.7) ammo for Aviation use, and did so into 1940.

Doc AV