.303 and 8mm Cutaway


Listing these as how I bought them from a gun show and internet
.303 British incendiary BV11Z/ 44/ ? (cut away last letters, can’t find others to check)

8mm APIT, FN/69


First two appear to standard .303 tracer, Mk2 or Mk3, both Z. Second picture is of a standard FN 8mm tracer (1969?) that someone has added a silver tip code to. Nice sections! JH


Definitely neither .303 inch rounds are Incendiary B Mark VII. The top one looks like a bright ignition G Mark IIz and the lower a dark ignition, possibly a G Mark IIIz, as haak says.



Used for aircraft use they were avoided by machine gunners who had an aversion to incendary/ tracers becuse they gave away their positions and they would take them out and replace them with ball. They relied on visual spotting which once learned was as good.