.303 ap?

A guy on another Board is selling Black Tip .303 rounds that he’s sure are factory AP, but the headstamp is R^L 1944 G II. Are they a RN mine-sweeping load on whatever cases were available?

A black tip during that period would indicate an Observing load. If it had any tip colour at all armour piercing would be indicated with a green tip.

Here is how he described them to me:
"The AP is headstamped R^L 1944 G II. They are not reloads and the factory crimp is still in place. These are the remnanats of an original box that I no longer have. The tips are black and they do not trace but they sure do rip thru steel just like M2 AP. I think it would be odd for the Brits to put black paint on tracers but that wouldn’t surprise me. Is it possible that there was a AP/Tracer that the brits made?"
Any other thoughts?

I saw his post Jon, and I believe HE believes these are correct. IMO they are standard M2 .30-06 ap bullets in the .303 cases. I zoomed the ammo photo and could clearly see the red PA & G2 headstamp. Bullets appear to be FN and are seated to the crimping groove which means the rounds are probably .050" over length as well. Segmented crimp is probably Lee FCD.Looks to be about 7s caliber bullet point as well. Fakes. PS: I did not comment because of the rules on that forum. JH

I thought they might be incorrect, but your explanation makes alot of sense.

Just heard from the guy. After closer inspection he agrees.
Oh well, too bad they weren’t more interesting.