.303 API Italian


.303 armor piercing incendiary, steel jacket and core with lead bottom, thin copper internal jacket, headstamp - BPD/39, Bombrini Pardi Delfino, Italy on MIII MB 4-39 Prideaux links for Vickers machine gun.
Comes in blue tip that is made with white phousphorous, and green tip that comes in pink phousphorous (cutaway). It was a pink compound that after being cut, reacted with the air, heating the mixture turning it black and gray. Smelled of sulfer or rotten eggs.
Had pulled a blue one first and was getting ready to cut when someone told me, “No, cut the green one!” Reminds me of an old movie where you have to cut the correct color wire on a detenator.


Me…I would have said…“not the green one” (nothing to do with the reaction of the compunds)…but the green one is certainly much more scarce in the US than the blue and especially in good shape…you rarely see the green tipped one offered at the US shows. (this coming from a guy who had a 30-06 frangible tracer sectioned…so who am I to say “don’t cut that one” ? !!)