.303 Belgian Rifle Grenade

Hi all,
I’m quite confused with the belgian rifle grenades and blanks!
Here are some rounds I’m not sure about their identification:

Are all of them rifle grenades or not?
The first one does’nt have any wax and some of them have green or red wax; what is the difference?
The only one I’m sure is the second which should be a Rifle Grenade H Mark 7Z.
Regarding the third and fourth, I have different markings:

  • M12BG 150/200m
  • M13BG
  • M13BG 75/150m
  • .303-M13A1BG, LOT 2 ASM 77
  • CART LACR GREN,M1BG 75/100m
  • CART LACR GREN,M2BG 150/200m
    What is the meaning of those markings (M12, M13, M1BG, …)?
    Many thanks

Hello Philippe, these are the tear gas grenades for those marked “CART LACR GREN,M1BG 75/100m” and “CART LACR GREN,M2BG 150/200m”. The first one was used with 7.62 mm NATO, .30 and .303 rifles and the second also with 9 mm submachineguns.

The black stained case blank is a late type for the No. 94 Energa grenade and is equivalent to the H Mark 7z. The one headstamped F N 52 with wax seal is the early type for the same grenade.

Many thanks Fede,
But what about whith those marked whith M12 and M13; is there a link whith the same grenades M1 to M3?


This is the tin for 6 cartridges CART LACR GREN,M1BG…