.303 Blanch

What is the story of this cartridge?

Who used it? Was it ever issued or only experimental
Its a dummy with the same shape as the ball mk II, when were these used? during the first world war?

all info is welcome…


Cartridge, S.A., DUMMY, DRILL, .303-INCH, TINPLATE

An expedient drill round made in WW1 by J Blanch & Sons of Fenchurch Street, London. A contract was issued for 5 Million on the 23/2/1915, the order was filled about June 1915 and this was the only batch manufactured.

Although 5 Million were made very few seem to have survived.

And there is supposed to be an example in 6.5mm Arisaka!

The .303 Blanch is scarce & the 6.5 Blanch is rare. I have two types of the .303 - one has the patent number stamped into the base. The design was patented by H.J.Blanch and C.W.Andrews 27th September 1907 (Patent No. 21,502 - 1907) and it was designed both as a dummy and a possible blank.

Known as the “J” pattern of which there was an order for 500,000. The Headstamp is BLANCH No15

Can anyone venture a guess as to how many “J” pattern 6.5s exist? I have only heard a fairly reliable report of one.

Hello John,

I have a .303" BLANCH but have never seen the variant with the addition of the Patent Number. I would appreciate seeing a picture of the headstamp.