.303 Blank...or Grenade cartridge

Is this FN cartridge a blank or a grenade cartridge? It is sealed with a red card wad.

FN Blank, with US WAD type closure ( similar to .30 M1909 Blank, set up the same way…ring cannelure and Lacquered red card wad.) Most Probably for MG use, as this type of blank has difficulties in feeding from bolt action rifles… Vickers most likely (short blanks don’t feed in Brens).

Later FN Blanks in .303 are “Full Bullet Profile” type, and can be used in all types of Guns (Bolt, LMG, MMG etc)

Berdan Primed, .217" (5,5mm), Corrosive or NC by the late 50s.

Just noticed the case is Plated??? May be a “Line Throwing Blank”. for Naval use???..any other suggestions.


Jim, is this cartridge actually loaded?

Alex, yes, it is loaded. If it helps it weighs 207.3gn. When I bought it written along the case was ‘Belgian ballistite’.

Nickel plated cases from FN are as far as I know for dummy’s, with one exception the short-range/guard load in 7.65x53.5 Mauser with I have with nickel plated cases from early 20 century till the 1940’s. That is the only exception I know. In this case I believe it is a loaded case also because the primer is still brass. A propulsion cartridge I think as I have similar crimped cases in 7.62x51 also (no nickel plated cases). Try to place some photo’s later. Jan

Some dummy cartridge from FN come in plain brass
(not plated) cases, but the primer cup is nickeled. A
very confusing ID since so many live primers these days
are in nickel cups. I have a couple of examples in 9 mm Para,
and perhaps other calibers.

John Moss

And there’s another .303 I have to find now :-)


F.N. made H mark 7z rifle grenade cartridges for the British in the 50s which were loaded with Ballistite. However, I’m unsure how long they made them and whether they had a rosette crimp or an open necked case like the one you have. I’d also have expected the case to have some portion blackened if used by the U.K.

Thanks Mayhem. I do have three variations of the FN H Mk 7z made for the UK. All three have rosette crimps.
Two have the lower two thirds of the case blackened whilst the third example is just plain brass. All three have a thick wax seal over the crimp.

Finally find out again how to post a picture. Now I make some pictures for another threat.