.303 blank or grenade launching cartridge?

Now, is this one an Australian grenade launching cartridge or a blank where the wooden bullet is missing…? i cant find this one…

Looks like a standard Ball with the bullet removed, and the cardboard wad still in place underneath.

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Simon is correct. I replied to this in your other post.

Yes I got that. Thanks so much guys. That was the last of a two month project of going through the collection I inherited.

As a bit of information, the .303" was for the most part loaded with Cordite, the UK or “colony’s” solved the problem with stuffing wobbly sticks of tubular Cordite into a necked case was by necking the capped & loaded case after it was capped & necked.

Grenade launching blanks for the most part either have a sealant at the neck or a pie / rose crimped case. Usually with partial case blackening.

Roger that Pete, thank you. I have a correct grenade blank but with me being new, and there being so many variants, is why I come here sir to learn from you giants of the trade!!