.303 Blanks

Can anyone identify these 2 .303 Blanks, I got them at Bisley last year but I cant remember anything about them

Belgian, FN manufacturer

Italian, Bombrini, Parodi et Delfino manufacturer



FN 57 Fabrique Nationale: Wadded case Blank ( similar to US M1909 .30 cal Blank-- cannelured Neck to hold wad, red lacquered in place.)

BPD 54 Bombrini-Parodi-Delfino, Colleferro (Rome): Italian-Made Blank?/ Grenade Launcher Ctg? Made for Both Italian Army, and also for export to Egypt…although most “covert exports” to UAR/Egypt were HS "AOC 1340"
Check this one with the Italian Ctg. Web-page ( Giovanni DeFrancisi)

Doc AV

Thanks Doc, I have not found a definitive answer to the Crimped Italian blank being a grenade launching cart or just a normal service blank, the tip colour is the same as the primmer colour a nice redish laquer.