.303 Blue tip

Saw these on an auction site. With the clip, which is another interest but nothing special here. There are a number of other selections of boxed and bulk '40s-'60s stuff. Many of the sellers appear to have some semblence of what’s important: h/s, tip colors, etc.
On that note, these were identified with a hint of scarcity. Not being that involved with the .303, I was made curious of the projectile’s contents and function. I’m sure there’s a color code chart somewhere herein, but it’s late and, well, you know. Pretty sure somebody out there know’s the specs on these. That condiment guy that likes/collects colored tips so much probably has a clue. Hope he ain’t too busy to chime in here.

And yes, I copied this pic off the site but figure since it might result in a sale, they won’t mind so much.

I am not aware of any blue tip .303 and I have been around .303s for over 40 years.
Two questions come to mind.

(1) headstamp?

(2) where is TonyE ?

The headstamp should be FN and the round is an incendiary. not sure of the official designation.


That was quick! Do you know who they were made for? Although they are shown in a rifle magazine I am guessing there is some aircraft/ anti aircraft connection here (?). perhaps.


As Mr.Jones says, these are FN made incendiaries and probably date from the mid 1950s. They are a non phosphorus incendiary.

They could have been made for any number of countries that still had .303 calibre rifles and MGs in the post war period, but my suspicion is that the answer is the obvious one and they were made for the Belgian military.

Vince. Have you not come across any of the millions of rounds of British Incendiary B Mark VII or VIIz with the dark blue tip? Some Canadian production of the BVII had lighter blue tips similar to the FN.


[quote=“ian jones”]The headstamp should be FN and the round is an incendiary. not sure of the official designation.


You have also yellow tip from FN

About cartridges produced by FN:
Who knows the names ?

  • Blank or grenade launching ?
  • Ball
  • Tracer (L83) ?
  • Incendiary ?
  • Armor piercing ?

the red tip is tracer, I have boxes which say:

Bofors powder lot 718- 1951
20 ctges cal 303 C.T.N.
tracer for FM Bren
Order SAA Ap 34/50/156

Some more FN .303’s

(L) to ®
.303 Blank Star
.303 Rifle Grenade Lacrymatory M1 Bg.
.303 Rifle Grenade H Mk 7z
.303 Rifle Grenade H Mk 7z
.303 Rifle Grenade H Mk 7z
.303 Cartouche Balle Tir Reduit
.303 Cartouche Sec Plastic M63
.303 Cartouche Perforante

The .303 SEC Plastic M63 (round-nose translucent plastic bullet) is not by FN. These were made by ASM (Arsenal de Munitions) of Belgium using FN cases. Similar rounds exist in .30-06.

For more info see IAA Journal 447, page 49.

Chris P.

No, I don’t think I have ever come across them. Remember my 40 odd years with the .303s has been spent on ranges not as a collector. I have seen some tracer but not much. Much of my ammunition for a long time came via the Cadet Forces through the back door route and they wouldn’t issue incendiary to cadets.
Still, we live and learn. Thats why this forum is so good.


JP–Are the red tipped tracers you referred to a bright red or more of a violet-red, what I would refer to as Magenta. I have a FN 52 with a Magenta tipped CN bullet with a green PA that I have identified as a Tracer.