303 box and 12 gauge box

Picked up some new boxes today…nothing fancy.


I’ve seen some similar buckshot loads floating around, some claimed to be from Desert Storm and/or Iraqi Freedom. One significant difference, I think, is the green hulls. I fired literally thousands of buckshot loads in the 80’s and they were WCC but red compression formed shells. Still have hulls and boxes in my reloading stuff.

The military always seemed to prefer the smaller 9 pellet loads over, I think, the 12 pellet. I never thought it would matter much if you were dodging 9 pellets or 12 inside a steel submarine! Never wanted to let loose a load of buck in there.

The 12 Gauge with the OD cases and black bases are pretty current stuff. I don’t know where it is coming from, but I recently found a whole bunch of these boxes on the floor of our range. That tells me it was with the police who rent our range, as they never clean up much after themselves, whereas the various groups (SASS, IPSC, IDPA) that use our action range do pickup at least the shotgun shells and empty boxes.

I would think it would be just military issue, especially with what I think are really current dates from the lot numbers, but no military uses our range.

Of course, it could have been non-police shooters too, but are they selling this stuff surplus so soon???

John, I have seen lots of this on some of the auction boards so it is quite possible civilians are shooting it. In fact, I think I saw some hulls on the ground at our local range yesterday. It, too, gets trashed, since it is public and some people expect others to clean up after them… which eventually happens out of necessity!.

Yes - I know how it goes at ranges. I, along with a couple of other old cowboy shooters, used to set up every cowboy match we had, sometimes with help, sometimes not. It was two hours to clean all the crap off the range, including other groups match props, and another two hours to set up our own stuff. At the end of all of our matdches, we picked up everything that was ours and garbage-canned it in the case of debris, such as empty shotgun shells that no one wanted for reloading, and put away all of our own targets, props, etc. into our storage container. We seem to be the only group that does this, although the others pick up some of their garbage.

The public is not allowed on our action range, only on the KD ranges were no wearing of sidearms is allowed except for uniformed police, and is a much stricter (but not safer - we enforce our safety rules on the action range strictly) controlled environment than the action range, which is for club members, or during matches, competitors only. Even club members must become part of one of the action shooting groups to use the action range, and no one can use it on non-match days unless there is an RO on the range.