303 Box & Contents


I picked up a bag of small cartridge boxes a few weeks back, never really looked at them at the time. I was told they were all with contents although some were not completely full.

Well today I finally got round to looking at them, as stated they are all full or have just one cartridge missing, not a problem as I can soon sort that out but one box was not what I was expecting, pictures attached;

My question is are these the correct contents for the box, can anybody say from the photos? Also I am assuming that the “9/38” on the side is the manufacture date.

Thanks in advance,

Lions head on one side and the ICI roundel on the other.

The contents are in very good condition, I did not take them out to examine further atm.


As a guess, not having seen that box before I would think it to be the correct contents.

What does the rubber stamp on the upper edge of the front photo say?

GREAT box Mike,


Thanks Pete, I thought it was right but was just not sure, that was why I asked as I had not seen that one before, as you know my main interest is shotgun cartridges.

The rubber stamp says “Black Powder” and it falls right round the bend.


The box and contents are correct but are for commercial or export contract and not for UK military use



Thanks Tony, Is it a common box, worth keeping?



Hi Mike,
I honestly don’t know as commercial stuff isn’t my subject but I would of thought it was worth keeping as I can’t think of many reasons for blanks being used commercially so probably not many of these boxes around these days?



OK, thank you Tony, I will try and find somewhere for them.