.303 Box - information?



I was given a 20 round box of WRA headstamped .303 ammunition from 1942 and I’m wondering if anyone could tell whether this packaging was used by Winchester for military ammunition or is this repackaged surplus ammunition for private use?


Any info greatly appreciated.


I would bet good money your gift’s a re-pack. Winchester & other companies were not shy about putting their name on the box. Exception to the rule would be actual / genuine military packaging.


Some Winchester military .303 boxes from the 1940’s…
All contain cartridges headstamped W.R.A. YEAR .303



The box you picture looks like boxes sold by Sportco in Australia.
As pictured here

Edited - saw you are in Oz so I am more confident this is Sportco.


Thank you all for your replies - greatly appreciated.

Pete - I was pretty sure that would be the case. The “Mark VII” did make me wonder if they were military but I did wonder then about the number. However, Randy’s pictures showed that 20 round boxes were produced.

Alpine - thank you for the link and I think you are onto something there. I’ve sent them a copy of the picture and will see if anything comes back.

I doubt very much that they are worth anything but it is nice to know the history behind it.


Maybe not going to make a fortune but certainly desirable for Aussie packet collectors. There are a few print colour variations of these boxes and they don’t seem to appear on swap tables often.


Alpinehunter nailed it.
Although now empty this box is from OZ. Thumb cut is the same, for a start.
This one has the same info on the back and both ends.


What part of Aus are you in, OP?


Perth - you?


I received an email back from Sportco:

Sporting Arms Co through UK based Parker-Hale imported millions of rounds of surplus WW2 303 ammunition.

The package is a Sportco style – Sporting Arms worked with then Adelaide ammunition maker Ron Holmes trading as Riverbrand Sales to convert 303 to 303/25 etc etc.

The packaging would be mid to late 1950’s



Interesting response from the email. I keep meaning to email them about my Sportco shotgun, there’s literally no information on them on the net.