.303 Br. MK I/II with black powder

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has someone a picture of a sectioned .303 Br. Mk I/II with black powder propellant?
I want to know how is the geometric shape of the one piece pressed black powder.

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Cartridge Magazine Rifle .303 inch MkI BP.pdf (82.7 KB)

Does this help, I believe the hole in the centre was to aid in igniting the BP evenly


I have such a round (see below, next to a hollow-point) but I don’t know that it will help you. Those who section cartridges often use some inert powder to represent the propellant.

Thank you guys that was very helpful!
Is the .303 Br MK I/II with round nose bullet and black powder rar?
Im looking for some time for it, but cant find one (in Europe)

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Here is an arsenal sectioned MK II powder.

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Is the hollow-point one is a cordite MKIII with the cupro nickel’s cup inserted in the nose?

Here are two views of a Mk III .303 inch bullet tip.


Thank you Pete, really nice sectioned round which is clearly a MKIII, the one shown by Tony seem to have a cup inserted in the nose and have a convex piece of metal at the bottom of the drilled hole inthe bullet, I wonder which kind it could be…

It’s a cordite Mk IV (the IV is visible on the headstamp, and the full stamp is written on the case: D ^ C C IV

Thank you for the clarification

Pete, is that hollow point a brass/copper cup inserted into the tip?
A hunting round?
I do not think I have ever seen one. Cool sectional view!

Very much a military round and very rare.

O.K., that explains… something… [scratches head and wonders].

Now I need to go back and look through ALL of my .303 Brit cartridges.
I know I have at least one with exposed lead, which I always guessed
was a re-bulleted round for hunting, as I am sure the cartridge is military.

Yea, I need more projects to painstakenly search for, (Anyone want to
throw a couple more at me, since I have a few hours available between
3~6 am when I am not doing anything important?).

A lot of .303 are out there with military cases and commercial hunting projectiles in them. I am still reloading WWII Canadian brass, as they were boxer primed.

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These bullets were initially made as standard FMJ’s with a round nose and then the hollow nose was made by a punch which carried a disc of the jacket down to the bottom of the hole. gravelbelly