.303 Brit "B.P.D. 951" with a headstamp hole

Whilst ammo searching in my room for an Australian collector, I bumped into a charger with ordinary looking Italian rounds EXCEPT one of them had a hole. Why?

I have no idea Vlad but I hope someone does. It is obviously special, so you had best hang onto that one :)

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Do you want one of these? Without the hole.

If you have one to spare, I would happily accept.

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Inert cartridges made into keychains are common here in the UK.

They often have one hole drilled in the position like the one shown. There is also one at 90 degrees in the extractor groove. The two holes form an area to loop the wire keychain attachment through.

This is the only time I have ever seen cartridges with a hole in that position.

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Holes in case heads of loaded cartridges do show up every now and then from various countries/manufacturers.

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The hole is roughly twice the thickness of the rim and goes into body of the cartridge (no 2nd outlet). There is a slight raised halo around the hole.

No idea where you got it originally?

Not a clue, but the rest of the rounds in the charger are normal. The first time I see something like this.

From another, his thought that it is a drilled flash hole which was way off place.

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Interesting idea about a drilled hole going haywire. I am willing to pull the projectile and look inside (when I get home).
Is there an easy safe way to pop the primer out without pulling the bullet? If there is no flash hole under the primer, it may be cool to have the projectile in place.

Be sure if you pull the bullet that it is a safe bullet to pull.

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If it is a failure of the flash hole drilling or punching operation, it might still have two flash holes in the normal position for them, in the primer pocket. I have samples of fired cases from S&B (not recent,as the manufacturing standards of them are far better than they were even 20 or so years ago) in both 9 mm Para and 9 mm Makarov with one, two and three flasholes in the primer pocket. I do NOT have any, nor have I seen any other than the picture you posted, with one outside of the pocket, but I am NOT saying that error is impossible.

John M.

Interesting - I hadn’t thought about an ectopic flash hole.

Personally, I’d pull the projectile, save the powder, shine a light in and look to see how many flash holes are there and what their position is. Then I’d put the powder back and press the projectile back into place.

One would hope that such an error wouldn’t make it out of the factory door.

Well, here it is. I did place a Vietnam era flak jacket between me and the hammer, just in case Pete might be right. I do not see any holes at the bottom. But I also don’t know how it looks inside with a primer in place. I can’t capture this with a camera flash (too deep). Any suggestions of how to proceed? Any pics of how a normal bottom looks with flash holes?

I use an otoscope to look inside cases but I have one of my own. Do you have any contacts in the medical game?

Otherwise, one of the single LED keychain torches may be small enough to get some light into the case.

You should be able to see the flash holes

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Only a medically trained person would say “ectopic”. Luckily, I had some training too, So I employed “medical” comparison. I took a sister round with identical headstamp from that charger and I pulled the bullet. It is still difficult to see (especially with my old eyes), but I believe I see 2 flash holes in both cartridges.

Usually, it is not too difficult to see the flash-holes at the bottom of the powder chamber in a cartridge simply by holding the case with the mouth pointed at a light source. You have to play around a little to let the light in and not be blocking it with your head, but still being able to look down into the case. A flashlight of any kind should work. I do that all the time.

John Moss

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I have ordered this one to examine insides of cartridges::


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My uncle worked in an ammunition factory in the Netherlands.
As a beginning collector he gave me once a wile some empty cases.
He told me that this was a machine error, but I could have it.

I hope it helps solving the question.



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