.303 Brit "CAC NZ 303"

Any way to date this headstamp? Does “NZ” mean Kiwi?

CAC = Colonial Ammunition Company
N Z = New Zealand

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CAC – Colonial Ammunition Co., Auckland, NEW ZEALAND. Known to have produced .303 cartridges in:
Ball, Cordite Mks 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7
Ball Mk 6 Match
Ball, Nitro-cellulose Mk 7z
Blank, Mk 6 and 6 converted
Blank, Mks 3, 5, 5z
Cartridge Rifle Grenade, Ballistite H Mk 1Z
Commercial Blanks
Drill, D Mk 9
Dummy Mks 3, 4
Dummy, Non Regulation
Gaudet Practice
Short Range Practice ( New Zealand Pattern)
215 gr RNSP, 180 gr PSP, 180 gr HP, 174 gr PSP, 150 gr PSP, 130 gr PSP and 150 gr HP Sporting Ammunition
Mks 4 and 5 Big Game Exploder Sporting Ammunition
H.V. Exploder Sporting Ammunition

CAC – Colonial Ammunition Co., Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. Believed to have manufactured .303 ammunition as early as 1898 until 1918. After May 1918 the CAC monogram was used with two arrows . Production gap from Jan 1921 to March 1921 after the factory was leased to the Government Known to have produced during 1920-21 the .303 cartridges in:
Ball, Cordite, Mk 7


So this headstamp is 1918 the latest? The metal looks so new and clean. I thought it would be much later date.

If the rounds are good preserved, they can look as good as new.

That is a much later dated case, as New Zealand used CAC throughout their production of 303. I believe that is a commercial round but I’m traveling at present and I don’t have access to my books. What projectile is in it? I’ve only seen that HS case loaded with a soft point.

Mayhem is correct. This headstamp is post 1959 when the last Mk7 was loaded?
This headstamp is also found on Blanks but most are soft nose projectiles.
I cannot find my NZ .303 book.

I found this post which said that this headstamp was post 1962 .303 CAC hstp question

Is this now a commercial or military headstamp?

Colonial Ammunition Company C.A.C., New Zealand, American Rifleman, 12-1972.pdf (2.5 MB)

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Here is the round from the top of this post.

CAC Melbourne Australia.
The proof firings of CAC ammunition in Australia on 6th and 13th December 1998 grave rise to the belief they were manufactured in Melbourne, which is not the case. Although possibly headstamped CAC they were complete cartridges manufactured by Grenwood and Batley in England, and probably packaged there. The Australian factory did not have the equipment installed to load .303s until sometime in 1900.
Although run as separate companies both CAC NZ and Australia were controlled by Greenwood and Batley through that company being the major shareholder. To complicate matters, G&B also had a close relationship with Kings Norton.
We then find from 1901 to 1904, the known CAC .303 packets in Australia did not have CAC headstamps, having either plain heads, or KN headstamps. It would appear the plain cases were supplied by G&B and loaded in Melbourne, or possibly some even loaded by G&B. Available information indicates Melbourne commenced using the CAC headstamp with the change to the Ball Mk, VI in 1904.