.303 Brit charger "O III"

I assume that it is a “misprint”, that the “O” is supposed to have something inside. But better ask…

O = Unknown Dutch manufacturer known to have made Mk III and MkIV* chargers.

The only ones that I know of that used a circle with something inside it was J. Birch & Sons, (B inside a circle), the Metal Box Co. (MB in circle) and an unknown manufacturer using a H inside a circle. However, all three only made MkIV and MkIV* as far as I know.

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Mk III chargers were manufactured between 1916 and 1917, smack in the middle of WWI. Holland is in a close proximity to Belgium and therefore to the pinnacle of Western Front. How did they manage to run the charger production in the midst of materiel shortages and refugee floods? Did this affect the numbers produced (and therefore the rarity)?

… and what were they making Enfield chargers for, given that at the time the MkIII was in use, the Netherlands don’t seem to have used an Enfield rifle in 0,303” ?

Does anyone have an example of the “H in a circle” marked charger mentioned above, it’s one that I’ve not seen.