.303 Brit charger "W.M II"

What is “W”? Is it William?

I have it listed as Woolwich.

I’ve seen the mark assigned to Woolwich in a couple of collectors lists, but despite trawling through hundreds of pages of documents I’ve seen no evidence that Woolwich made chargers, although they acted as a depot for millions of “refurbished” chargers returned to the UK from France after their being repaired elsewhere by trade contractors.

If a comprehensive list of 0,303" charger manufacturers exists it’s so far eluded me … and it’s not for want of looking.


In a list from another collector it say "WM = Wm Mitchell Ltd.Smethwick (Pens)

Here’s the “Firms and Factories” list entry for William Mitchell.

From left to right it gives the company address, its war-work and then what it made pre-1914. There are over 16,000 separate entries and it took almost a week to sort through them looking for mention of charger making … there’s no index to the book.

Here’s a “WM” William Mitchell marked Mk II charger;


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I ran your first picture through Photoshop … are you sure it’s not a faintly marked “WM” ?

It seems to have the same diagonally “chopped” II and signs of another marking after the “W”.


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Sorry, original pics are bad, here is a better view.

I completely missed WM in the title and instead just saw the W in the picture and the question “What is “W”?”. I need to pay more attention…