.303 Brit chargers

Got a whole bandoleer of 1962 Iraqi .303 Brit ammo on old British chargers. I can read all but 2 of them. The stamps look like “III H” and “II PC”. Am I correct?

There are no know manufacturers with just the "H" there are a few with "H" in the stamp but only 2 make MkIII H&C Hancock & Corfield Ltd and HW HW Taylor looking at the positioning and size of the possible "H" on your MkIII I would have said HW. As for the MkII there are possibilities H&C again PC Unknown, GC The Gramophone Company and C on its own "C" on its own has been recorded before but no manufacturer attributed to "C" on its own yet. I think you are correct with your "PC” assumption looking closely at the photo I would agree with you there is definitely a partial form "P”. BUT as always only my guess, hope it helps and all the best


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I suspect that the MkIII is an italic “M” with the top part mis-stamped whilst the MkII is almost certainly marked “PC”.


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