.303 Brit "D^C C IV"

Is this an original or a salvaged cartridge rework?

Looks original to me, but might well have been period made with Cordite, MK IV brass.

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Looks correct to the original to me as well.

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Original. I believe this to be a rejected Mk IV ball case that was turned into a blank at the factory.

Interestingly, Dominion made a Mk III blank using a case marked as D^C VI C and this same headstamp was reported by Tony Edwards as also being found with black powder in a packet dated 1905. However, I didn’t find any reference to a blank with the headstamp, D^C IV C, so I assume it was a reject Mk IV ball case, as this was common practice. I have a heap of WWII blanks made from G Mk II cases.

I have a Mk V blank from D^C which was made using a rejected Mk II ball case. Tony Edwards gave the following in his comments regarding identifying these blanks:

“Headstamps may have ‘V’ or ‘LV’ on new-made cases. If using reject cases any headstamp for any load may be found.”

Edwards, A. Headstamp Guide - .303 inch British Service Ammunition. (2011)

Cordite Mark IV Ball was one of the 1899 Hague Convention prohibited hollow point Ball ctgs (along with Mark II DumDum special, MkIII AND MkV)
More probable that Canada dismantled Mark IV ball and recrimped to Blank.
Doc AV

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Of course - I forgot those were banned and you are most likely correct.

Either disassembled or reject cases, it is common to see blanks being made from cases intended for other loads.

I have had many boxes of these in blanks over the years here in Canada.