.303 Brit "GB 54 7"

This came to me without a projectile with a full load of cordite. Was it supposed to have a crimp?


It should have had a wad over the cordite. The British loaded with Cordite or Moddite Tubular (aka M.D.T. - Modified Cordtie, Tubular) installed the wad & then necked the case. So as a guess someone pulled the bullet & dug out the wad to see what was under it. These were taper crimped when issued, not slash crimped, the why you don’t see a crimp. But a careful look at the case mouth might tell the story?

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I am not sure if I see it, maybe very faintly. I rotated it 3 times.

DSCF9654 DSCF9655

I can se a wee-bit of a remaining taper crimp & the mouth looks a little out of round on one side where the proj. came out. 0300h-0330h in your top photo.

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Why such a rough headstamp on this, as if applied by a vibrating etching tool?

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I do not have a Blank but my Ball headstamp is normal imprint and has a mouth crimp. The headstamp shown does look a bit rough.

I agree on the headstamp, this is the reason I’ve fish it out of a discount bin, it caught my eye, and I took a gamble for 25 cents. And I lost. I thought I got something special.

Definitely doesn’t look like a GB headstamp. Although I don’t have a 1954 specimen. I have 55 and 56 made .303.


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Mine is closer to Vlad’s.