.303 Brit "Holland & Holland" by Kynoch

I was told at the Morgantown show that this was an un-common round, even the proprietory H&H projectile. How common is it in Europe? Some rounds are common over the Pond and are rare here. I think this trend will intensify even for newly made ammo as various countries place restrictions on movement of ammo.

I can only comment that while I was collecting .303, I purchased the only round with this headstamp I was ever offered. I think it is pretty scarce in the U.S., and perhaps not so scarce, but no common as fleas, in England or anywhere else. Just my obervation while I was collecting that caliber of ammo.

I think it is a relatively scarce cartridge in the UK, as are most of those made wih proprietary headstamps for gunsmiths.

One that I think is even harder to find has the “Thomas Bland, London” headstamp.

I don’t collect commercial rounds so others may have a different view on rarity.


I have one as well in my collection. I can post a picture tonight.

I also have the one pictured below . . . is it a similar situation for being rare?


OK so I am building my own little webpage to keep track of my .303 headstamps with descriptions. It’s just for my own use but I’ll make it available to anyone who wants it.

My question is this:

Can anyone give me a description for Holland Sporting cartridges in .303 British? I’m building a table with descriptions and headstamp pictures just like the following so i’ll want to put in information about Holland in the same style. The below is not mine, I just want information about Holland similar to this link. So I need to know who, where, how long, what types.


I hope it is going to be more accurate than the Cushman site!

As I am sure you appreciate, Holland & Holland headstamp rounds were made by Kynoch, but I do not know the date range that they cover. I suspect it is probably from around 1900 to the 1930s, but that is only a gueass. The fact that yours states “Cordite” suggests it is pre-WWI, but I am no specialist on commercial .303 inch rounds!

What bullet does yours have? These are often found with the H & H patent “Peg” bullet which has a steel peg like a short tack in the nose.