303 Brit ? ID

303 Brit, hs FN 52

Clip/Charger, stamped B.P

What are they? Related?

IIRC BP is British Pens.

The round is Belgian and it is an Incendiary, it should have a green primer ring


Thanks orange and Rich.

Yes, a green primer seal.

Clip/charger is for what cartridge and rifle?

FN 303 Brit intended for which rife?


Ray, I think that’s a standard Lee-Enfield style charger.

The clip would fit any of the Magazine Lee Enfield series of rifles.

I believe the incendiary round was intended for Browning machine guns, not rifles.

So, the cartridge should not be with the clip ???

I guess not in normal operational use, but it could be loaded into the charger and fired in any .303 rifle.

Thanks jonnyc, Falcon, and others. i think I’m beginning to get it.


Chargers were often re-cycled, when the 0,303" from HXP was sold off around ten years ago the bandoliered stuff arrived in a remarkable variety of chargers. More recently, when the South African 0,303" arrived a lot of it was in some of the worst chargers known to man but some of it was also in re-used chargers.

When it came to rifles in 0,303" the British equiped Belgian forces, both military and police, immediately upon liberation in 1944. The standard service rifle was the Enfield No4 used with British uniforms and field gear, this lasted until Belgium re-equiped with self-loaders in the early 1950s. Strangely, the Belgians made a small batch of No4 spike bayonets of their own, now quite sought after if that’s your thing. There are FN made and marked Enfield chargers around but they’re not common.

Happy collecting, Peter


Many thanks for the additional information. I was going to ask why FN was manufacturing .303 ammunition as late as 1952, but you answered my question before I asked it.


Here’s a FN charger marked IV FN, color is grey

Ray: I have an empty 15-round box from 1950 for FN-made .303 ball cartridges produced for the Belgian armed forces. It has bilingual labeling indicating that the cartridges originally packed in the box were for the Bren gun. I wonder if the cartridge you show wasn’t originally found in a similar box. Jack

Jack, are you sure it’s 15 round Bren? The FN boxes for the Bren gun that I’ve seen are 20-round, the 15 round are normally for rifle.
The only FN incendiary box that I’ve seen till now contained 50 rounds and were for export.


Kurt: I’ll have to check this & respond later. In fact I actually have only the top flap torn from a complete box. The size tho seems consistent with a box which would have contained 15 cartridges arranged 5 up, 5 down, 5 up. Jack

Kurt: You were quite right–the label indicates the box was of 20 rounds. I don’t have any cartridges that came from this box, tho I do have FN specimens of the ball loading from 1951 and 1952. The former round has a bullet of mk.8 type and the other appears to be mk.8 also. Did FN in this period produce only the mk.8 bullet for its ball ammunition in this caliber for the Belgian military? Jack