.303 Brit Italian box for ATF only


Why for ATF only? Was there a shortage of blanks in 1954?




I think those date a bit earlier than the BATF&E. I believe their existence didn’t come about 'til the early '70s, so guessing the labeled box was referencing something else entirely.


Sorry, these are the only ones in the box, and they match the maker.


Bombrini, Parodi et Delfino, Rome Italy. In addition to the .303 cartridges manufactured for Egypt this company also manufactured nitro-cellulose loaded 7.7 x 56R cartridges, which are interchangeable with the .303 round and are known to have been made in… B7756R, D7756R, IAPT7756R, IAPP7756R, TR7756R.

Found this, which may help further the search for truth, and the American way.


These are “Propelling Blanks” ( for Grenades, Smoke or Tear gas, etc).

“ATF” ???anti-tank firing???

The English Language label indicates probabaly sale into the Middle East ( very large area market for BPD cartridges in both 7,9 and .303 in the 1950s)

Most probably Egypt. ( as mentioned by SlickRick)

Doc AV
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Just found the reference to their being grenade launching blanks. Nothing yet about the ATF labeling, but the anti-tank idea has merit.


Why so specific to tanks? Usually it says “grenade launching” and then it is up to the shooter to fire at cannons, personnel carrier, troops etc.


Check out the seller:
auctionarms.com/closed/displ … =6862985.0

From a long time ago.


Thanks Rick, mine look just like that sideways. Iconoclast, 2005, $9 a piece? I paid $10 for the box and 5 rounds inside.


Same headstamp, as well.

Made up for passing on the mortar kit. :-o


Good morning
exists also a version "black"
I ignore the uses because they are been used to the foreign countries
if someone has news I would be him thankful
I attach link to the whole Italian .303 British post WWII


The internet shows about 100 possibilities for the term ATF. The most promissing for this context are:

Armored Task Force

Amphibious Task Force

Air Task Force

Acceptance Test Facility

Acceptance Test Firing

Australian Task Force

Aviation Task Force

Allied Tactical Force

and the most intriguing one: Air to Torpedo Fire control. Would that be for a tool cartridge use as a release for an air-dropped torpedo?


How’s about this: Antenna Tiro Fucile for “Antenna Throwing Firearm” as in, a line-launching blank for an antenna wire? Like the T61 30-06? Was anybody doing anything with a 303 line launcher in that time frame? - my guess is no, but I’ve been playing with Google translator for 20 minutes, and this is my best shot…


Why using an Italian abbreviation in an English sentence?


Good point EOD, but just that it’s BPD, so who knows.


Yes, but BPD is a name not a language.


I surely exclude: “Antenna Tiro Fucile” she has not meant in Italian,(correct is: “estrazione antenna”)
justly, as says the other words they are in English…
the black one could be " a salve" (blank) version while “da lancio” (grenade) for the red
In effects on the box of the red is written ATF on that of the black ones, always for the export, writings don’t appear