.303 Brit "MH 1942 * VII"

This came in an indistinct brown box containing soft point hunting reloads of British and Australian military origin, the box says “303 cal British soft point”. I assume the * asterisk is a reloading mark. Which country would do that?

Vlad - it looks somewhat like a mark Denmark used for a number of years to indicate a reload. But, on 7.9 x 57 blanks they loaded on torn-down cartridges from almost every country in Europe, and on dummies made the same way, the use a simple “O” to denote the remanufacture.

I don’t really know who did your .303 but that “Stick-figure star” on some Danish reloads is the mark with which I am familiar that looks the most like that on your .303s. Just a WAG in this case though, to get the ball rolling on a positive ID.