303 Brit question


Can someone put a timeframe on this one?

Are these reload marks? If not, what are they?


The first round is a Cordite Ball Mark II by Dominion Cartridge Co. It was introduced to British service in July 1893 but I do not know exactly when production commenced in Canada.

The Mark II was replaced by the Mark IV and V hollow nosed rounds (the Mark III being made as only one experimental lot of 119,000 rounds by RL) but following the Hague and St.Petersburg Conventions the Mark II was re-introduced as the active service round. Production of the Mark II for training had continued in the UK right through until 1904 when it was replaced by the Mark VI. Production may have continued in Canada after this date, but one of our Canadian friends should be able to answer that.

Your round thus dates from somewhere between 1893 and 1904/5.

The second round is a ball Mark VII from Kings Norton and is typical of contract rounds from that era. The Broad Arrow overstamps are not reload marks but British War Department ownership stamps.

Between 1907/8 (when dating first appeared on .303) and 1913 all ammunition made on contract by the commercial producers for the British government was overstamped with one or two Broad Arrows as a mark of ownership.



Thank you very much Tony, let’s see if someone from Canada can add something.
Military headstamps prior to 1913 without the broad arrow may then be for export contracts?


No, they are still British contract. British military contract ammo made by Kings Norton, Kynoch etc., before 1907/8 did not have the Broad Arrow stamp because it was not introduced until than.