.303 British case colour marking query

morning all,

i have another .303 British query…

I have two rounds (pictured below) manufactured by Dominion Arsenal, Quebec, Canada in 1934 and 1939 respectively, both of which have coloured bands around the cartridge body.

I have been led to believe the round with the four purple bands is a “match” round manufactured for shooting competitions.

Is this correct?

I can find no reference however, to the round with the two blue bands.

Is this another “match” round?

many thanks.

Both are Canadian Match rounds. There are different combinations of bands for different years.

I am sure Mr.Smith or one of our other esteemed Canadian colleagues can provide more details.


The following list was put together by a bunch of collectors including Bob Wonch, John Belton and Ted Molyneux quite a few years ago. Additions would be welcome and I’ll publish the result in the IAA Journal. Chris P.

DCRA Banded Match Checklist

1921 Match, Color: Rosaniline, Bands:1, width:3/4-inch,
1922 Match, Color: Malachite Green, bands:1, Width:3/4-inch, dates known: 1922
1923 Match, Color: Gentian Violet, Bands:1, Width:3/4-inch, dates known: 1922
1924 Match, Color: Victoria Blue, Bands:1, Width:3/4-inch,
1925 Match, Color: Rosaniline, Bands:6, Width:1/16-inch, dates known:1924
1926 Match, Color: Malachite Green, Bands:6, Width:1/16-inch, dates known:1925, 1926
1927 Match, Color: Gentian Violet, Bands:6, Width:1/16-inch, dates known:1924,1926,1927
1928 Match, Color: Victoria Blue, Bands: 6, Width:1/16-inch, dates known:1927
1929 Match, Color: Rosaniline, Bands:3, Width:1/16-inch, dates known:1928
1930 Match, Color: Malachite Green, Bands:3, Width:1/16-inch dates, known:1929
1931 Match, Color: Gentian Violet, Bands:3, Width:1/16-inch, dates known:1930
1932 Match, Color: Victoria Blue, Bands:3, Width:1/16-inch, dates known:1931
1933 Match, Color: Rosaniline, Bands: 4, Width:1/8-inch, dates known:1932
1934 Match, Color: Malachite Green, Bands:4, Width:1/8-inch, dates known:1933,1934
1935 Match, Color: Gentian Violet, Bands: 4, Width:1/8-inch, dates known:1934
1936 Match, Color: Victoria Blue, Bands:4, Width:1/8-inch, dates known:35
1937 Match, Color: Rosaniline, Bands:2, Width:5mm, dates known:36
1938 Match, Color: Malachite Green, Bands:2, Width:5mm, dates known:37
1939 Match, Color: Gentian Violet, Bands:2, Width:5mm, dates known:36,38
1940 Match, Color: Victoria Blue, Bands:2, Width:5mm, dates known:39
1944 Match, Color: Green, Bands:1, Width:11mm, dates known: 44
1945 Match, Color: Purple, Bands:1, Width:14mm, dates known:44

The date of the DCRA match does not always agree with the headstamp dates. The color names were the official color names.

[Sorry about the poor formatting - it looked better on the original excel spreadsheet.]

Thanks Chris. I had a copy of that at some time but I could not find it to answer Magpie’s question.

Sorry I did not get to Switzerland for a chat and a beer!


Many thanks for the replies guys!

unfortunately Chris P’s list has now increased my “wants list” somewhat…