.303 British charger (Iraqi bandoleer 1957)

I was given a clip of 1957 dated Iraqi made .303 British from a bandoleer and I am trying to identify the manufacturer of the clip. The clip has a poor quality finish.


The clip is a Mk IV (Roman numeral) but I cannot see any other recognisable markings. The area shown above is where I believe the factory mark should be and I can see something faint. However, I am unsure if I am actually seeing something simply because I expect to see something there!

I spent days and days, over a period of 4 years searching through the National Archives in Kew, partly looking for a definitive list of Enfield charger makers and their marks … with almost no success.

Here’s my type designation marked MkIV with no makers mark;

I wish I could help, but things are sometimes complicated by the surface finish of the steel used being less than perfect … a lot of First War chargers had lots and lots of mill-scale on the surface.


Thanks Peter - I guess I needed confirmation that what I was seeing wasn’t actually anything at all. The phosphated finish is pretty inconsistent.