303 British find

Just got this packet and it is new to me. The headstamp is B VI I have seen 303 rounds with a MAXIM 1895 headstamp loaded by Eley are there others? The rounds are pristine and as you can see the packet is a little worse for wear.

Although the label of your packet has a military style label, it is commercial in the sense that it would have been supplied by Vickers Maxim for use with sales of their machine guns to customers other than the British government. Incidentally, I presume you mean your rounds are headstamped “B VI” and not “B IV” as you posted.

As well as the “Maxim 1895” (and other dates) I also have one headstamped “MAXIM C II” which on close examination can be seen to be originally marked “1 C II” with a “MAXIM” overstamp. Whilst there is no documentary evidence, it is accepted that case supplier “1” was Eley Bros.