303 british hxp ammo question


I did a search and couldnt find an answer to a question about a quantity of 303 British ammo with a headstamp “HXP 75”. I believe this to be Greek manufacture? When disassembled it contains 41 grains of ball powder, a 174 grain FMJ bullet, and is boxer primed. The question being asked by the shooters of this ammo is, maker and is it corrosive or non corrosive. As always thanks for the help.


This is of Greek Manufacture. HXP is the factory denominator they seem to use on off-shore contracts. There is .30-06 and .45 Auto with the same headstamp, made on offshore contract for the U.S. Navy, or at least, that is the information that was give me. The ammo was made by the Greek Powder and Cartridge Company.

I believe this ammunition is non-corrosive primer. I shot some of their .30-06, and it shot decently and cleanly. I don’t recall every shooting any of the .303, however, but I believe I recall it always being advertised as non-corrosive.

John Moss


HXP ammo is widely distributed in the US in .303, 30-06, and 45ACP. Millions of rounds have been sold through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Shooters say it is generally good ammunition. The CMP seems to sell it as fast as they can get it. It’s all modern non-corrosive AFAIK.



The HXP .303 is some of the best milsurp shooting ammo out there. It is non-corrosive Boxer and is top reloading brass. It is all I shoot in my No.4(T).
Got any extra???


JOHNNYC I have a quantity for my use dont have any extra at this time, I have seen this ammo showing up about a year ago. Seemed like everyone I know that has a 303 has some of this ammo. I cant understand why OUR CMP program is supplying this ammo and why our government is purchasing 30-06 and 45 ACP ammo from a foreign manufactuer.



CMP is no longer supported by the US Govt. It is a public corporation that has a very limited relationship with the Department of the Army. They have to reimburse the govt for any costs involving govt property. For the most part, I believe they purchase ammunition from whomever offers the best deal and then sells it to anyone who is registered with them. Right now they are selling a lot of Kynoch and AYR (Norwegian).

AFAIK, you don’t even have to be a shooter to buy from CMP. Things have changed since the days of the old DCM and the National Matches.



The CMP has HXP in .30-06, not .303.
I get as much of both as I can find.


The Greek maker (HXP::Greek/English rendition of “Greek Cartridge and Powder” or its French title original version of “Poudres et Cartouches Hellenique”.

In the 1960s, the factory, under Nato/US agreements, became part of the US Offshore Procurement Program; as a result, machinery and technology from Olin Industries (Winchester Western) was set up in Piraeus to make US cal. ammo at US Specifications, with Olin Ball Powder; as the Greek Army was then currently also using .303 British, they also made this ammo to the same technical specs.

As a result, any HXP marked ammo is of Winchester-Western quality (some say better), is Boxer primed, Noncorrosive, and with Ball Powder loading.

One of the best European made US Milsurp available…not to be confused with “Olympic” brand from Geece, which is mostly NOT Greek made, but imported from “other, less careful,” makers (Lots of problems with “Olympic” from what I see on the net.).

Doc AV
AV Bllistics.


The British government took lots of HXP ammunition to keep its cadet forces supplied with ammunition after its own supplies ran out. the early batches seemed harsh after the RG55 that predated it and there were stories of bolt failures which I can’t substantiate but that was the folklore.
For about a decade it was the only .303 that was available in Britain unless you were prepared to buy milsurp RG of dubious parentage.

I sit here in my garage now surrounded by hundreds of fired .303 HXP cases that I never got round to reloading. Its a very hard calibre to reload at the best of times because of stretched cases.