303 British Lapua question


Like everybody I have some 303 British with the headstamp “VPT 41” loaded with 174 grain soft point bullets. I see on Gunbroker an exact same box with a brand of Lapua label and non corrosive description. I read years ago about this ammo and its origin, however I cant find anything in the search history. If I recall correctly this was WWII surplus that was disassembled and reloaded as described. My memory isnt what it used to be, and it used to be terrible. Anyone care to educate me on this ammo. Thanks guys.


The VPT 41 cartridge cases were obtained from ammunition produced in Finland for use in .303 caliber aircraft machineguns used by the Finnish air force. Like many of the continental European countries aircraft armament in Finland during the interwar period was based on British technology (that is, Lewis guns in flexible mounts and Vickers synchronized guns) originally developed during the previous war. Many of the airplanes used by Finland in the 1930s and early 1940s were of British origin. Jack


Some of the VPT ammo, in .303 and other calibers, was surplussed here in it’s original military configuration, while other lots arrived here after receiving SP commercial bullets. I believe Interarms was responsible for the conversion process.