303 British LVE hs

Picked up an empty 303 British case ,brass copper colour with hs LVE at 12 o’clock and 303 BRITISH at bottom.
Who makes this ammo?

SIBFIRE, a new name under which Low Voltage Equipment in Novosibirsk, Russia distributes its ammo in various calibers…


It should be magnetic, as it is a cws case

You’re right it is CWS

Actually it is CCS.

Neither is .303" but a couple of empty boxes from LVELVE%20box%20fronts LVE%20box%20backs

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The LVE Flea -o- Flea box & contents

LVE%20303%20box%20logos%20on%20side LVE%20303%22%20hs

Yes, the WOLF 303 British is the most common LVE loading in the US.

Thanks everybody for the info. When I saw these cases laying in the brass bucket I thought from the colour someone had been firing .303" proof ctgs.