303 British - Projectile base marking

I did a bit of a study on the base marking on 303 ball projectiles which may be of interest. Type of marking dep = depressed, rais = raised, ^ is braod arrow, s small, L large.
R^L VI ^over 8 pt Star. 8 C V J rais. R^L C II s rais ^ also L rais ^,
R^L 17 .VII. dep O, R17L VII both s & L dep O, M.17 VII dep N,
B C 11 rais B, B C V rais B, J.17 VII dep J, B VI dep serif B,
J.16 VII rais B, J.15 VII dep B, J 18 VIIZ rai in dep S & rais S,
I C II rais 1, ^ 1940 VII rais ^,
CAC C II (NZ) s dep C, C.A.C.C. VI (NZ) & CAC C VI (NZ) L rais C,
CAC C VI (Aust) L rais VI. DC 41 303 VIIZ clerar rais 8 pt Star,
DI 41 303 VIIZ clear rais 4pt Star, DAC 1941 VII rais rimless spoked Wheel with L hub.
The projectiles were all correct to the headstamp. Probably looks like a lot of goobledegook, but someone may find it interesting.
This is only part of the study, Labbert’s book also has a good selection and this prompted me to see what was around. There is also a lot of disappointmet as many projectiles are crudded up or else pristine with no marking whatsoever.

Thanks for that. They are all pretty much as expected.

The interesting one is the 8 C V with the raised “J”. As you know, no list has ever been found linking the numbered headstamps to particular manufacturers. We know they were loaded at RL, but there is no evidence that the bullets and the cases came from the same supplier. Whilst the J for Joyce is circumstantial evidence that supplier number 8 may be Birmingham Metals/.Joyce, RL may simply have loaded some BMMCo/Joyce bullets in cases from supplier 8.

I am quite sure the different base marks on RL bullets (star, broad arrow and O) represent different production lines within the Woolwich complex, just as the different headstamps (R^L, R16L and ‘R^L’) represent different case producton lines.